30 Really Bad Makeup Looks That Make You Cringe

Makeup is not an easy task. To master this art form, a lot of time and effort must be invested. Hence, some people who aren't confident about their makeup skills tend to hire professional makeup artists to get their makeup professionally done. Unfortunately, they don't know that even professionals fail at times! All of those bad makeup looks were posted on the Bad MakeUp Artists subreddit which is dedicated to shaming "the worst makeup artists who get paid and do terrible work."
We have compiled a mega list of the worst makeup fails. Scroll down to take a look. What do you think about these makeup fails? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. To see more bad makeup looks, check out 19 Worst Makeup Disasters That Will Make You LOL.

#1. Popped up on my FB feed today ....."bridal makeup"

Source: Low-Ladder-6265

#2. This mua does incredible eye work, but everything else is just a no for me tbh

Source: Kitwanorreen

#3. The lashes…

Source: Winter_Advance8450

#4. Everything about this concerns me

Source: vintagepop

#5. This one was posted by a local MUA. Yes, it is the finished look. Check the number of likes…

Source: Thatonebasicchick

#6. Pink Undereyes

Source: heretofillthevoid

#7. Made a pretty girl look cheap and shiny

Source: Known-Explorer2610

#8. These fake freckles have to stop

Source: RecognisablePelican

#9. Been in tears over this for like 20 minutes

Source: tanookittie

#10. No words

Source: grand_theft_gnome

#11. For those wondering if the "freckles" were real

Source: SocietalLeader

#12. Spotted in the wild

Source: tiddymeat6969

#13. They did her so dirty! (Advertising on a brand, with a MUA tagged)

Source: chica1994

#14. Prom makeup

Source: ahall333

#15. Category is: jaundice realness

Source: cariadcarrie

#16. MUA’s work on Instagram, found in the wild

Source: KatieVBa

#17. Finally found one in the wild. Her face says it all lol

Source: jennapops

#18. The shows on TLC are a goldmine for bad makeups

Source: sadsailer

#19. Posted by a “permanent makeup artist"

Bad Makeup LooksSource: kadybug29

#20. True crime shows always have makeup that looks like it's done by morticians

Bad Makeup LooksSource: beotherwise

#21. Oh no

Bad Makeup LooksSource: nqki

#22. Super cakey bride

Bad Makeup LooksSource: classicspoonbill

#23. Caption said she’s “lucky she found THE best local makeup artist to do her makeup” at the last minute

Bad Makeup LooksSource: CoordinatorFightClub

#24. This has been all over my social media feeds lately. The artist has a booking site and charges $85

Bad Makeup LooksSource: Fancy_Dare4930

#25. Ulta ad

Bad Makeup LooksSource: Watthefuq882

#26. From “The Patient”, yikes

Bad Makeup LooksSource: withsuspiciousminds

#27. Someone please explain the forehead situation

Bad Makeup LooksSource: hidinginalocker

#28. Who did this to her!

Bad Makeup LooksSource: KingDonat

#29. She charged for mess…

Bad Makeup LooksSource: CoordinatorFightClub

#30. Why??

Bad Makeup LooksSource: Valuable_Analyst9484

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