30 Posts That Karens May Feel Targeted

Have you ever encountered any Karen in real life? For those who don't know, Karen is a slang term that refers to a white woman who is too entitled or demanding. The term is frequently used in memes depicting white women demanding their own rights due to their privilege. But Karen can also be a man too. Those people consider themselves the center of the universe, and always put their interests first. The r/F*ckYouKaren subreddit is an online community dedicated to calling out entitled Karens, and many posts about Karens shared in this group are totally hilarious.
If you love reading funny Karen stories, scroll down below to check out 30 posts about Karens we have collected. These posts are bound to have you rolling on the floor laughing, for sure. Don't forget to vote for your favs and share your funny encounters with Karens in the comment section below. For more laughs, check out 30 Times People Spotted Others Acting Like Complete Jerks And Had To Shame Them Online.

#1. The OG Karenavirus

Posts About KarensSource: fake-newz

#2. Give me back my $100

Posts About KarensSource: bodega_bladerunner

#3. Must be a Karen free country

Posts About KarensSource: kbaus911

#4. Neat

Posts About KarensSource: f*ck-your-name-rules

#5. Karen is the one who removed the clothes from the washer

Posts About KarensSource: proviking6000

#6. Karen time

Posts About KarensSource: Jealous_Obligation60

#7. Military spouse counts as service now

Posts About KarensSource: whitedranzer

#8. Calling out Karen’s in the local paper

Posts About KarensSource: GarciaJones

#9. One of my favorite Karen memes I've seen so far

Source: tedojaan

#10. Found this gem on Facebook

Source: GraysonB42

#11. Karen

Source: Spllatty

#12. Karen didn’t do her research

Source: -_-BruH__MoMeNT-_-

#13. Karen goes to a plantation but doesn't want to learn about slavery

Source: Available_Cup_9588

#14. Remember Karens can be men too

Source: Yeetusdeletus76

#15. Karen in China

Source: b*tchyswiftie

#16. Interesting letter received today

Source: Kabechet

#17. A Karen with a twist of Jesus

Source: Neolithique

#18. Humans have feelings, Karen

Source: lionheart724

#19. Someone wants more lights in the neighbourhood

Source: hotshots724

#20. She was ***NOT*** the bride

KarenSource: berzio

#21. Run away, and never come back…

KarenSource: Immidandy

#22. A woman who has never had a job accused women of not wanting to work

KarenSource: hushitsu

#23. Complaining about a place that makes donuts smells like donuts. Has to be the work of a Karen

Posts About KarensSource: Synthee

#24. Karen feels targeted by ice cream company

Posts About KarensSource: stevie7

#25. Shipment delay: Karens

Posts About KarensSource: shrek4pres

#26. Not the sharpest Karen. Take all the time you need

Posts About KarensSource: Killa-Kella

#27. Karen I crossed paths with at the farmer’s market

Posts About KarensSource: BistitchualBeekeeper

#28. Standing up to Karens! I wish more businesses backed their staff this way

Posts About KarensSource: DivineMs_M

#29. Karen visiting our veterinary office

Posts About KarensSource: jrow6411

#30. Karen tries to force someone to speak English

Posts About KarensSource: DestroyerPlayzG

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