30 Poor Dudes Who Trapped In The Friendzone

Welcome to the friendzone, a place where many brave men have dared to enter, only to be trapped in a vortex of comfortable conversations and warm hugs. Surviving on a diet of stale compliments and unrequited love, they wander the barren wasteland of romantic purgatory, hoping against hope that their affections will one day be returned. Experts warn that the friend zone can be a risky place, with its magnetic pull towards platonic intimacy and its pitfalls of mixed signals and unfulfilled promises. But fear not, for the friendzone has also become a cultural touchstone, inspiring countless memes, jokes, and stories about its hapless inhabitants.
So take a moment to scroll down and laugh (or cry) at some of the best/worst cases of the friend zone. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newbie, remember that you are not alone in this struggle. May the force be with you, and good luck on your journey out of the friend zone!

#1. Not only once... but TWICE. R.I.P.

Source: UnableToFindAGoodUsernameThatWillDo

#2. Looks like he’s got the world on his shoulders...

Source: humoroutcasts

#3. Friendzone: level 100

Source: explorelol

#4. Another one!

Source: themetapicture

#5. "Found this at work; left over from valentines Day. Brutal."

Source: Unknown/Imgur

#6. Ouch!

Source: dumpaday

#7. "true best friend"

Source: looti

#8. "There's no such thing as the friendzone lol"

Source: Wolffkran

#9. Is this the ultimate friend-zoning?

Source: taringa

#10. "Yahhh!!!"

Source: Unknown/Imgur

#11. Painful, LOL.

Source: rsvlts

#12. Poor you!

Source: persbaglio

#13. YOU

Source: dumpaday

#14. His face said it all

Source: rsvlts

#15. That man is a very, very good man.

Source: Unknown/Imgur

#16. Yeet!

Source: acidcow

#17. Hold it!

Source: Unknown/Imgur

#18. Cue the end credit!

Source: vitamin

#19. R.I.P my dude!

Source: Unknown/Tumblr

#20. The tags...

Source: Unknown/Instragram

#21. Gotdamn

Source: guff


Source: Unknown

#23. There's no way back...

Source: akamaized

#24. My dude...

Source: loudnigra

#25. Just a human ladder

Source: interesnoznat

#26. A moment of silence for him, please.

Source: Unknown/Pinterest

#27. Oh boy...

Source: Wolffkran

#28. Friendzone level: chair

Source: gamaniak


Source: vikramhospital

#30. Damn...

Source: wickedlane

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