30 Pictures That Prove Sometimes Life Doesn't Go Your Way

Sometimes, things don't go as planned. It's called life. But if you see them with positive eyes and enjoy them to the fullest, you will find that this life is more wonderful than ever. Because you have just one life, why do you have to worry and stress about everything? When something unexpected comes your way, take a step back, take a look around at the whole picture, and decide how you would like to respond. Laughing instead of stressing about the things you can't control.
If you are feeling down because life doesn't go your way, you can check out 30 pictures below. These people also experienced a bad day. And their days are even worse than yours. However, they have still kept their spirits high even when things didn't go as they planned.

#1. Was woodworking a ring and checked the size. Now it isn't coming off

Source: AttackHelicpter

#2. Toast it is

Source: DinklesTheNerd

#3. So this is what it looks like when I visit the beach with my colombian wife

Source: kodheisenberg

#4. These pizzas were $30… AND they charged me $3 for “service fee” for calling it in and picking it up…

Source: givemeyourstuff

#5. My Bed For Christmas (and the last 3.5 days stranded at airport)

Source: JoshuaDudeman

#6. Why even ask?

Source: Hot_Local_Single

#7. Visited St. Louis for the first time and was told I had to see the famous Gateway Arch

Source: Elliefonty

#8. A side that wasn’t expected

Source: Luke10089

#9. Let me just swoop down and… yoink!

Source: wintersky__

#10. The window, that is literally touching my bed, is frosting up. (Yes those are my bed sheets)

Source: DaddyRax

#11. Just bought a Zelda Game & Watch and put it in my back pocket

Source: skoolsuxxs1

#12. Literally my first day on the job, and i shattered a customers window. Kill me thanks

Source: Zombiehacker595

#13. Thaught the clock on my microwave was glitching, turns out there is a cockroach stuck in it

Source: happycamper1377

#14. The paint spilled

Source: owjim

#15. Saw another tire post and it reminded me of my tire. How in the world did I lose a square?

Source: coyo5050

#16. Halfway from CA to TX the passenger side window of my tesla randomly shattered in sub-freezing temperature

Life Doesn't Go Your WaySource: Arguingwithu

#17. Paid a local friend to patch broken concrete. This is the end result

Source: YouveGotMail236

#18. Came home from vacation to find my cactus had given up on life

Life Doesn't Go Your WaySource: Barker_Black96

#19. Bought a $44 handmade, ceramic mug. It cracks as I pour in my first cup of tea

Life Doesn't Go Your WaySource: iEatSwampA**

#20. My doorknob fell off

Life Doesn't Go Your WaySource: Aylabadayla

#21. My job e-test toon 1 hr for this part

Life Doesn't Go Your WaySource: Signal-Piece-5744

#22. Weight gain on Christmas Eve can be a real problem. Especially right before the whole family comes

Life Doesn't Go Your WaySource: stevenil1

#23. Just drove an hour to have dinner with clients...

Life Doesn't Go Your WaySource: Ipoopoo69

#24. Instant bridge

Life Doesn't Go Your WaySource: duncan_D_sorderly

#25. I just wanted my name...

Life Doesn't Go Your WaySource: foolishCostume39

#26. My Sorento was stolen and wrecked thanks to the Kia boys Tik Tok challenge

Life Doesn't Go Your WaySource: Gsxing

#27. Someone parked across our driveway and we can't get the car out on Christmas Eve

Life Doesn't Go Your WaySource: asomek

#28. Got up at 5:30 am to dress up for "Whoville day" day at work, to then find out that I'm the only one who dressed up. I'm embarrassed now

Life Doesn't Go Your WaySource: Littlekiller0320

#29. The charger prong stuck in the plug. Can I just grab it and pull it out?

Life Doesn't Go Your WaySource: brodosphotos

#30. New neighbors moved in front of us. They keep these lights on all the time. This is our bedroom windows and the view from our bed at 2 am

Life Doesn't Go Your WaySource: akrolina

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