30 People Who Got Shamed Online For Their Horrible Tattoos

Do you love tattoos and love getting tattoos? Are you the kind of person who prefers trying something new and unique? If yes, this article is for you. It will remind you that not all unique tattoos receive positive responses from others. Therefore, reconsider carefully before making the final decision if you don't want to be one of these folks who got shamed online for their really horrible tattoos.
All of these pictures of horrible tattoos are chosen from the Awful Taste But Great Execution community on Reddit. This is home to a whopping 1.8 million people who constantly dedicate their time to sharing awful but greatly executed tattoos. If you stumble upon any horrible tattoos, don't hesitate to share them with other people in this subreddit. Now, let's take a look at these weirdest requests for tattoos.

#1. This tattoo

Source: saraciousd

#2. A skeleton arm tattoo with the wrong anatomy

Source: Kaneki_Yeager

#3. This football tattoo

Source: JohnnyRedHot

#4. This hardcore Star Wars tattoo

Source: AttackoftheMuffins

#5. This tattoo sleeve

Source: stormytattoos

#6. This tattoo

Source: criggs0807

#7. Client: "I want a tattoo that makes me feel drunk when I look at it."

Source: thebayallday

#8. Sailor Devito by @jasminedilworth and @matt.does.tattoos

Source: sh*tlord_traplord

#9. This crossover tattoo

Source: justcallmefafara

#10. Contributing to tattoo

Source: RossNub

#11. My friend was going to get a tattoo, but then he took an arrow in the knee...


#12. This wine tattoo

Source: hhl1118

#13. A toad knee tattoo

Source: xoJigglypuff

#14. Pretty sure these bruise tattoos belong here…

Source: MikkiD4311

#15. This sub is the first thing I thought of when I saw this tattoo

Source: samansadayo

#16. Pretty sure this goes here

Horrible TattoosSource:

#17. Yin Yang tattoo

Horrible TattoosSource: Secretstache1

#18. This snake skin tattoo on some dude’s leg:

Horrible TattoosSource: biblio-lavendula

#19. This minion tattoo

Horrible TattoosSource: HeedWeed

#20. I went on a date today, he proudly showed me this tattoo

Horrible TattoosSource: btacceber

#21. Nick Cage leg tattoo

Horrible TattoosSource: TheLostPariah

#22. This horns tattoo

Horrible TattoosSource: JohnnyCrossM

#23. Been saving this blobfish tattoo for today, so ugly it’s beautiful

Horrible TattoosSource: Easy-Hovercraft-6576

#24. This is objectively the best tattoo

Horrible TattoosSource: sushidestroyer

#25. This tattoo

Horrible TattoosSource:

#26. Sunflower seeds tattoo

Horrible TattoosSource: copaOW

#27. A fellow Redditor’s tattoo of his two favorite drummers, Ringo & animal

Horrible TattoosSource: Skinsarelli

#28. This lady wanted her husband's bite mark as a tattoo

Horrible TattoosSource: thegreatinsulto

#29. This Peppa Pig tattoo

Horrible TattoosSource: ponybeine

#30. Teach a man to fish... Then tattoo his leg

Horrible TattoosSource: FreshlyCutGrass976

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