30 Parents Who Are Having A No-Good, Pretty Miserable Day

Parenting is a wonderful and rewarding task, but it can also sometimes be a downright sh!tshow. Because kids come into life without any education yet, their brains are just so pure and simple. As a result, there are many times kids do questionable and a little bit dumb things, which put them in situations that are so hilarious that parents can't hold back their laughs for a while.

Many moms and dads around the world are sharing the ups and downs of raising little daredevils. And these funny pictures prove that their days are even worse than yours. Scroll down to check them out. If you are a parent, you will definitely feel relatable. For more funny parenting pictures, check out 30 Times Parents Experienced A Really, Really Bad Day Thanks To Their Kids.

#1. My daughter had my wife’s phone on a long car ride. She ordered all the Barbie dream houses from Amazon

Source: NinkovichPlease

#2. Not to brag, but my daughter has me ranked as the 11th best dad

Source: No-Relation2437

#3. My kid tried to use my finger while I was napping to sign him up for some stupid app

Source: thenewyorkgod

#4. Coworker’s kids left the van door open before a storm

Source: zeldadorf

#5. I found where my 3 year old twins have been hiding my loose change

Source: newsoundera

#6. Smurf Devourer. Son grabbed food dye off counter

Source: Core1989

#7. My glasses finally came in this morning. Paid $375 and decided to save $80 and not get insurance and my daughter got ahold of them 2 hours after arriving

Source: Bully2k__

#8. Kids gonna learn new words soon

Source: DizzyDrunkDude

#9. My friend’s kid got stuck in our cat tower

Source: punch_you

#10. Dr Caramelito in the multiverse of madness

Source: a_milky_way_pirate

#11. Turns out my daughter has a mosquito allergy but I fixed it

Source: arintj

#12. Been home for 3 weeks. Leave for 10 minutes and kids shoot two BB's through the window

Source: Sandeerrss

#13. Found my wife passed out face first while playing LEGO’s with my son. Parents are the real MVP’s

Source: BrightCanon

#14. I thought I lost $350 and then three months later I found it in my four year olds room

Source: Bigmacleafs14

#15. My daughter took me roller skating yesterday for Mother’s Day

Source: lateralus1075

#16. It was at exactly this moment that my son realized his mistake

Source: frisbm3

#17. Kids playing with fire hose during coast guard demo

Source: Energylegs23

#18. I was mowing the grass today and my wife texts me and says “I’m going to lay on the couch and maybe get a quick nap”. I came into to see my kids treating her like a bean bag chair

Source: Yosemite_Scott

#19. Graduating today from Temple University after 15 years working full-time and balancing my life. Got married, 2 daughters, built a house. Attempted to make graduation family photo

Source: northeastunion

#20. Came home to my 3 year old "fixing" my laptop

Source: PharmacistDude

#21. Valentine's day peti from my daughter! Bloody massacre!

parents having bad daySource: CmdrClit

#22. I thought I had put socks on my son this morning. Turns out they were gloves. My mother-in-law sent me this

parents having bad daySource: shedreamsofunicorns

#23. Two-year old daughter bathes daddy's laptop in soap and water because it's "too dirty"

parents having bad daySource: PeecockPrince

#24. My 10 year old nephew told his mom he doesn’t know how his phone broke. He just woke up and it was like that. A few days later she finds he posted this on YouTube

parents having bad daySource: SisteroftheMoon16

#25. My daughter has figured out how to change the picture on my watch, by using my phone. Oh and apparently she knows the password to my phone

parents having bad daySource: Greenman-of-England

#26. It makes 1 hour that they're looking for their car keys that their kid buried inside the sand

parents having bad daySource: Deimos_PRK

#27. My 8 year old is a jerk and almost made me burn my house down

parents having bad daySource: ElectricBOOTSxo

#28. Played with the stamp pad ink and now the ink is hard to remove

parents having bad daySource: dong_a_pen

#29. Throwback to when my daughter ate an entire tube of my lipstick

parents having bad daySource: jekoorb6789

#30. My son after trying to get back down from washing his hands. Just hanging there...helpless...

parents having bad daySource: fiteMILK

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