30 Of The Worst Restaurant Menus Shared Online

The menu is one of the first things a client looks at when they come to a restaurant – that’s why it’s extremely important to make it look presentable. Because you know what they say: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. However, some restaurants clearly didn’t get the memo.
People are sharing the worst menus they’ve received in restaurants, and they range from simply hilarious to absolutely unreadable. Suggestive photos, weird font choices, questionable photoshop and much more – check out a collection of the best worst menus in the gallery below!

#1. It's on their menu.

Source: elliotclay76

#2. The peas are upside down?!

Source: Epidemiologic

#3. The sushi restaurant that I went to accidentally put a picture of USB sushi on their menu.

Source: PainOnTap

#4. This seductive duck I found on a menu in Vietnam, complete with an excellent typo

Source: ldotchopz

#5. Translated the menu boss

Source: TheHelgon

#6. This menu

Source: TehJimmy

#7. This “plane” on my airline menu

Source: slaytanic667

#8. My friend is in Florence, Italy and this restaurant he's at has an Assassins Creed screenshot as their menu background.

Source: Hicklebonk

#9. Anyone want some Thai food?

Source: ItsAllenPalin

#10. Subway salad menu

Source: kiloparamedic

#11. This was the image of choice for an ice cream menu in Austria...


#12. This busy ice cream shop in Seattle put their menu on a mirror so it’s impossible to read

Source: cwithersk12s

#13. This picture isnt blurry, thats how the menu looks.

Source: Metro_Mutt

#14. French Restaurant Menu

Source: [deleted]

#15. "You'll need to use the flashlight on your phone to read the menu" -waitress

Source: account_user_name

#16. Top notch photoshop on this greek menu ?

Source: 8-moebius-8

#17. An online menu for a restaurant I was considering eating at.

Source: Komalandorinha

#18. This menu, part 2

Source: AC_Schnitzel

#19. The peas on this menu photo are photoshopped in

Source: andrewnacho

#20. The "Crappy Design" Mother Lode

Source: jakeninja

#21. Got those drinks on the menu, boss!

Source: Plasmabot1

#22. This restaurant wraps their menu around a wooden stick... there was absolutely no explanation or purpose to it

Source: jookz

#23. This cocktail menu

Source: Sawgywaffles

#24. I honestly don’t know what to look at

Source: ChrFaz

#25. I'm impressed that this Thai menu has text cropping both over AND under the image.


#26. This menu is right justified, we always think it’s upside down at first look.

Source: jrdiesel76

#27. This restaurant pirated the Pirates Bay torrent site logo for their menu.

Source: neurotran

#28. Seen at a restaurant in a 5-star hotel in Los Angeles


#29. This is what I found on the menu of a pizzeria..

Source: zertyheg

#30. This salad section on the menu at the pub.

Source: TranslucentTaco

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