30 Most Hilarious Notes Left By Moms And Dads With A Sense Of Humor

Hmm, parenting. It can be considered one of the most difficult jobs on earth. From the seemingly-endless cries of the babies to sleepless nights, if you have kids, you will get them all. To make parenthood easier, many moms and dads have come up with clever parenting hacks and tips to help them in their everyday chores. In the same way, parents also need something to make this job funnier and more interesting, and leaving hilarious notes for their kids is a great way to do it.
We have a collection of hilarious notes left by moms and dads around the world for you. Now, let's scroll down to check them out and enjoy. These will definitely make you burst out laughing. Don't forget to vote for your favs. And share this list with your friends and family to put a smile on their faces. For more laughs, check out 15 funny Angry Notes Written By Humorous Roommates.

#1. Today´s wifi password

Source: unknown

#2. Oops, busted

Source: unknown

#3. Found this note in my bathroom drawer after my dad tried to borrow toothpaste

Source: RaptorCat1

#4. I hope you don´t mind

Source: unknown

#5. Father leaves his messy teens the perfect threatening note

Source: awwwwwyisss

#6. Parents went out of town for the weekend. Mom left me laundry instructions

Source: unknown

#7. I'm going to use this note and fake bugs

Source: Iunderstoodthatreference

#8. Just got home from work and found this note from my dad on the fridge...a little confused, i walked to into the living room to find my cat as promised. Thanks dad!

Source: Cnelz_

#9. It worked! We woke up at 10:06 this morning!

Source: queen_of_the_koopas

#10. Note in the kitchen...


#11. Just a heartwarming note from my mother

Source: mollifer

#12. My Dad leaves misspelled notes, and I leave replies

Source: Tikistand

#13. It's okay


#14. When it's not obvious enough what needs to be done

Source: brightside

#15. I'm happy that you're trying to help

Source: unknown

#16. My daughters said she was too old for notes in her lunch - my reply and WIN

Source: Michellehas2ls

#17. Found this note my Mum left for my Sister in the car

Source: MangroveBear

#18. Parenting level: Hipster

Hilarious NotesSource: brightside

#19. Mom's love is enough fuel

Hilarious NotesSource: unknown

#20. That awkward advice from dad

Hilarious NotesSource: brightside

#21. While my 7-year-old daughter loves the notes I leave in her lunch, her friends have no idea why her dad is "so weird"

Hilarious NotesSource: skryb

#22. My dads note to my brothers about the plugs in the house

Hilarious NotesSource: ekhowitt

#23. Me and my mom are both atheists, but she left me this note this morning...

Hilarious NotesSource: RaccoonYetiKiwi

#24. My friend's mom likes to leave notes on the fridge. This was her response

Hilarious NotesSource: Ipostbothways

#25. Bought a new hatchet yesterday. Came downstairs to find this note on it this morning.I think my dad is trying to teach me something about putting things away...

Hilarious NotesSource: ChalkyWhite23

#26. My friend left this note in his kids lunchbox today. I'm not a parent, but this seems legit

Hilarious NotesSource:

#27. Went to put on my boots for the first time since last fall... I pulled out what looked to be an ancient moldy banana and a this note in my mom's handwriting. I think I missed this joke by about a year...

Hilarious NotesSource: sagelface

#28. My friend keeps bringing an apple to work but not eating it so his dad left this note on it

Hilarious NotesSource: vertexoflife

#29. So my dad had to go get a colonoscopy this morning, this is the note my mom left me for when I wake up

Hilarious NotesSource: herecomesthedrums

#30. My mom said she put a note on her phone to remind her to bring cake

Hilarious NotesSource: przybang

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