30 Most Hilarious Design Fails That Are Embarrassingly Messed Up

Have you ever been so completely perplexed by how bizarre everything around you seems? When you enter a supermarket store, odd items like a rug that looks like it’s covered in ants/fleas or white pants mixed with poop details. Perhaps as you get older, your viewpoint on many things shifts. If you are unable to keep up with contemporary inventions. You then feel as though you are no longer a part of this universe. Not to worry because you are not the only one who feel that. Several people took pictures of the odd things they encountered and posted them online.
These pictures are from the “crappy designs” subreddit dedicated to all kinds of weird and confusing designs. Therefore, if this list is not enough to crack you up, go to this online community to check out more hilarious design fails. Now, scroll down to check out this list and enjoy. Also, vote for the ones that made you cringe the hardest.

#1. Thanks, I'm not ripping that off

Source: PR3DA7oR

#2. This window art of an angel on a cloud at my local bakery looks like he is taking a break from eating Kardashian a**

Source: Pascirex

#3. Pants that give you a bulge from the front and a loose vag from the back. Oh, and did I mention they are see-through?

Source: SuqueMyCoque

#4. Who designed this mouse? I tried it and it is as uncomfortable ad it looks

Source: Eastern_Standard7957

#5. Spiderman in a spider car

Source: thicc__GOD

#6. It’s as fun to clean as it looks!

Source: bzzinthetrap

#7. A staircase straight from my nightmares

Source: hatzandjackets

#8. "Enjoy the best of both worlds" thanks

Source: Labby92

#9. This nightmare snake cow

Source: anteaterplush5

#10. These coffin-shaped door windows in this hospital

Source: ToBeFrozen

#11. Brand new condo full of these. Can’t plug in 2 objects at once + it’s bigger than a normal outlet

Source: Mapincanada

#12. This car is a nightmare fuel

Source: FlipNog

#13. The single worst clock I have ever seen. I actually said aloud "Whyyyy"

Source: patchestheshark

#14. This horrible, deformed Hobby Lobby Christmas ornament

Source: ForlornBread

#15. Those pants...

Source: ThePrisonSoap

#16. The cowardly lion has seen some things…

Source: Catsarethebest1123

#17. This rug that looks like it’s covered in ants/fleas

Source: electricwitchery

#18. Don't judge a book by its cover

Source: Ininko

#19. Seen at my school

Source: alonelybagel

#20. I wonder how long it took for them to come up with this

Source: TheLegDay27

#21. In Turkey, we have footpaths with embossed yellow tiles to help blind people

Source: mise_en_abyme

#22. Yes this will help my child learn about proper dental care. Not terrify them

Source: mldutch

#23. Helping the wife with laundry

Source: nass_01

#24. Youth wrestling uniforms. (He tried it on backwards, too. Didn't help.)

Source: HandfulOfPants

#25. I hope you don't drop your lock keys

Source: BrittleCopperspoon

#36. I’m 90% sure that’s not volleyball

Source: G-Rantiks

#27. I have no idea how they turn this off

Source: Iridalken65

#28. Nike shoes but no pants

Source: TheOnlyHarkman

#29. Scooter for tall person. No need to hire a taller model or a good photoshop artist

Source: canrabat

#30. Oh no, must’ve gotten the whites mixed with my poop clothes

Source: space_pdf

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