30 'Meirl' Memes That Anyone Can Relate To

Are you in the mood for funny stuff? Today, we will share with you some 'meirl' memes that are questionable yet entertaining. For those who don't know, MEIRL stands for "me in real life" - the memes that have been posted try to capture how we, as people, could behave in real life.
After doing a little bit of diving into the r/meirl subreddit - "a place for people with mental issues who are too broke to visit a real therapist so they make memes about it", we have chosen 30 of the funniest 'meirl' memes that anyone can relate to. Take a minute to scroll down and check them out for yourself. We are sure that these memes will be worth your time. Don't forget to vote for your favorite memes.

#1. meirl

Source: Jimbo072

#2. meirl

Source: dittulps

#3. meirl

Source: adamchain

#4. meirl

Source: dittulps

#5. meirl

Source: Jimbo072

#6. meirl

Source: Jimbo072

#7. meirl

Source: Ok-Abbreviations7700

#8. meirl

Source: Transasaurus-Hex

#9. meirl

Source: encounterlemon

#10. meirl

Source: AbsolutelyUnlikely

#11. meirl

Source: clanklemon

#12. meirl

Source: Aggravating-Room-914

#13. meirl

Source: JackBrightScD

#14. me_irl

Source: Allandoz

#15. meirl

Source: Jimbo072

#16. meirl

Source: ManifestedFantasy

#17. meirl

Source: Pspreviewer100

#18. meirl

Source: Mela_Min

#19. meirl

Meirl MemesSource: good_tastes

#20. meirl

Meirl MemesSource: 1Hate17Here

#21. meirl

Meirl MemesSource: YesImUrFather

#22. meirl

Meirl MemesSource: notshameme

#23. meirl

Meirl MemesSource: CulturalChannel6851

#24. meirl

Meirl MemesSource: RajSrikar

#25. meirl

Meirl MemesSource: Jimbo072

#26. meirl

Meirl MemesSource: zaplemon

#27. meirl

Meirl MemesSource: Djf_x80

#28. meirl

Meirl MemesSource: National_Scarcity681

#29. meirl

Meirl MemesSource: tojo411

#30. meirl

Meirl MemesSource: Parkman863

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