30 Kids Who Have No Idea How Funny They Are

Have you ever imagined what life would be like if there were no kids on earth? We have to say, "It would be quite boring." Kids are naughty, adorable, and funny. There are many times when children make people around them laugh all day long. Although raising a child is a hard adventure, the laughter of children will brighten your day and make you forget every difficulty you are dealing with.
We have made a complication of 30 amusing pictures from across the web of cute kids who have no idea how funny they are. And you can't hold back your laughter when you look at these pics. Scroll down to check them out. We are sure that you will definitely fall in love with their cuteness. Don't forget to vote for your favorite pictures. And share this list with your friends and family to crack them up too.

#1. 4 Star Resort in the heart of South Beach. Kid has his priorities straight

Source: Top4King

#2. My friend's son struggling to pick up a book

Source: Jafooolie

#3. My neighbor's toddler was a little too quiet

Source: HeyT00ts11

#4. My daughter wrote a book

Source: flightylady

#5. My daughter's reaction when holding her new baby sister. Much heavier than the dolls she practiced on. LOL

Source: vassili_zaitsev

#6. How funny this kid is

Source: JoshyPooPoolovesYou

#7. So there was a random kid sitting at my dance studio

Source: gracesumm

#8. I want to meet this kid's parents

Source: Sharp_Cheddar

#9. My son drew this in 5th grade. Perhaps I'm biased but I thought it was clever and funny

Source: Fatcatdaisy

#10. Look at this kid's fingers

Source: itssadreally

#11. This kid must have done 10 years in timeout

Source: Sonicman1223

#12. My daughter's get well soon card for her grandad in hospital. He had a stroke and now needs a crutch

Source: He-Who-Laughs-Last

#13. Our 13 yo daughter built a snowman. I was not expecting it to have balls and p*nis

Source: loveofGod12345

#14. I might need to have a talk with my daughter, but I'm not sure what I'd even say

Source: SlightlyStable

#15. Watching a toddler learn is fantastic

Source: drock42

#16. This toddler loves the ads for a local personal injury lawyer so much, his mom made it his birthday party theme

Source: ChrisTaliaferro

#17. Toddler says: "Heck This"

Source: RamonaQ

#18. My toddler had no mercy for the angel from her toy nativity scene

Source: i_cant_see_my_ears

#19. Toddler was asked to feed the cat

kids are funnySource: Josh_Lyman

#20. My toddler and her subtle commentary on my choices

kids are funnySource: SpeakEasyChef

#21. My toddler had a long day at daycare

kids are funnySource: Learnmorehere

#22. My toddler got tired after playing at the park

kids are funnySource: LadyJane17

#23. My kid wanted to “open” the banana by herself this morning. Am I raising a serial killer?

kids are funnySource: John_McCuddles

#24. What the kids are into these days: confiscated at a middle school

kids are funnySource: Domdominiquey

#25. Sometimes its just one of those days!

kids are funnySource: linzegirl

#26. This kid who already got more game than any of us

kids are funnySource: olivertwist69

#27. Kids in Apple Stores are weird...

kids are funnySource:

#28. Two self inflating whoopee cushions taped to the bottom of his shoes. Fart shoes

kids are funnySource: benam_angela

#29. This toddler doesn't know what time it is

kids are funnySource: daddilife

#30. "My arms get so tired when I read!"

kids are funnySource: goforeryn

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