30 Funny Pictures That Just Scream “BRAZIL”

What is Brazil famous for? When it comes to Brazil, people probably think of it as a country of football with talented football players, such as Pelé and Neymar. Also, this nation is well-known for the Amazon rainforest, the incredible beaches of Rio de Janeiro, and the samba and Carnaval. However, in our opinion, what makes Brazil so special are its witty people who always know how to brighten up others' day.
The r/ItHadToBeBrazil subreddit is an online community dedicated to sharing "all fun and funny Brazilian things. We have chosen some of the funniest posts from this group. Scroll down and enjoy a fabulous laugh with us. Don't forget to vote for your favorite photos. If this list is not enough to crack you up, check out more funny pictures about Brazil from part one here.

#1. The absolute state of this elevator

Source: Cyrodiil_enjoyer

#2. Just a classic image of Brazilian students

Source: CrossArth

#3. Just a cute moment in traffic

Source: guvertoon

#4. Fibonacci Sequence in a normal day in Brazil

Source: fuq_daniel

#5. Just a regular Summer day in Paraíba

Source: Adventurous_Ad6853

#6. Just another day on Brazil

Source: kagome-

#7. This guy in Brazil crashing against the google maps car

Source: streetviewfails

#8. "It's not a whorehouse anymore, it's a family home"

Source: wabmt

#9. The wooden mast had to be replaced by a concrete mast, but the professionals preserved the Tucano's house...

Source: MeliaDanae

#10. Dish of the day: chicken with bikini marks

Source: Flerts

#11. Shower to the whole family

Source: Maleficent_Sock_

#12. Brazilians are the ultimate recyclers. Just google “gambiarra”

Source: he11oitsmee

#13. Happy birthday Noah

Source: guvertoon

#14. Brazilian Easter tradition

Source: Sr_Myers

#15. The ideal transportation for the whole family

Source: Marcelo3234

#16. Just an army stock image

Source: MateusFell

#17. When the whole family is on 5%

Source: emeyer94

#18. Banker goes to work dressed as spider-man on his last day

Source: Dr_Ousiris

#19. Those pictures just scream “BRAZIL”

Source: oilpaintstains

#20. Just bought my new Aifone

Source: sad2kdotaplayer

#21. Hiding license plates

Source: Gibimba_

#22. Drug dealers posing for photo at the police station

Source: Sr_Myers

#23. Capybaras can go to class too

Source: _noice202

#24. Sleeping in a mattress store

Source: RN_Renato

#25. Lan house vibes

Source: HondyS

#26. Why 3 lights if you can use only one

Source: vandervnr

#27. "Wear a mask"

Source: boneca_cybernetica

#28. This dinosaur

Source: unknown / reddit

#29. Big frog found in Brazil (of course)

Source: exodusinbloom

#30. For the stoners that didn't die in Christmas

Source: Nerdialismo

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