30 Funny And Weird Photos Where We Have No Idea What's Going On

The Internet is such an interesting place. Why do we say that? It's because you can easily spot funny and weird photos that may leave you bursting out laughing and wondering at the same time. After doing a little bit of diving into the Internet, particularly Reddit, we have chosen some of the weirdest and most amusing pictures where we have no idea what's going on, and neither do you.
If you want to have a fabulous laugh, let's take a minute to scroll down and check out some of the funniest and most bizarre photos we have collected. They will make you laugh the hardest, for sure. Don't forget to vote for your favs and share this list with your loved ones to crack them up too. If this list of 30 funny and weird photos is not enough for you, check out other amusing pictures from part one here.

#1. "Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!"

Source: Zygmunt-zen

#2. Tactical camel

Source: dreimanis

#3. Red is my color

Source: gazman_dev

#4. Eyeing his next victim

Source: RemarkableRyan

#5. Nipply in here

Source: chrisrod2022

#6. I received a comedically large spoon

Source: PurelyForLolla

#7. It is kinda cool

Source: soulfire_swordsman

#8. Well, reusing the mould makes sense…

Source: Inevitable_Juice_666

#9. A beer holder in the backlights

Source: KhaoticKorndog

#10. And with that the library was never the same


#11. Does anyone know what's actually going on?

Source: ceeman77

#12. Looks like it’s full of water

Source: seven_critical_blows

#13. Hmmm

Source: Urgullibl

#14. You will always remember this day as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow

Source: warrior242

#15. Makes sense

Source: HighSpeedDoggo

#16. Onions are currently over $10 per kg in the Philippines so this

Source: Oztravels

#17. Oh my...

Source: Guy-Named-AECH-536

#18. Avatar 3??


#19. I really want context here

Source: Sree1Ly

#20. “ I’ll finish myself in one way or another”

Funny And Weird PhotosSource: TheFuzzyChinchilla

#21. Child support

Funny And Weird PhotosSource: flashsupporter

#22. Woof woof

Funny And Weird PhotosSource: Hell-666

#23. Went on a walk through the woods. Found a toilet

Funny And Weird PhotosSource: Firm_Ad4536

#24. He was trying to hide

Funny And Weird PhotosSource: hoilboysoil

#25. Cowabunga!!

Funny And Weird PhotosSource: seven_critical_blows

#26. Okay

Funny And Weird PhotosSource: imakemediocreart

#27. Lucifer approved this

Funny And Weird PhotosSource: MinorsMolester

#28. It's a hybrid squat toilet

Funny And Weird PhotosSource: Exact_Door1017

#29. He's on.. the horse

Funny And Weird PhotosSource: StcStasi

#30. Psilocybe CPUbensis

Funny And Weird PhotosSource: LordCog

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