30 "Forbidden Snacks" You Probably Shouldn't Eat

Sometimes, food can be appealing but looks can be misleading. The ForbiddenSnacks subreddit is an online community dedicated to sharing pictures of foods that are "tasty to the eye, but not to the mouth." Many of them look like delicious foods; however, you shouldn’t eat them. Don't let your hungry belly and their looks fool you.
We have collected some pictures of delicious-looking nonfood items from this group. All of those foods are just a little too deceiving. Scroll down to check them out. These pics will help you determine which foods are edible and which ones are not. Don't forget to vote for the foods you think are the most perplexing. And if you have stumbled upon any "forbidden snacks", share them with us in the comment section below. For more laughs, check out 20 Delicious Forbidden Snacks That Will Make Your Mouth Water.

#1. Forbidden purple cabbages

Source: amateuratgeology

#2. Forbidden steak ?

Source: electricwagon

#3. Forbidden cup of milk

Source: Moon_official890

#4. Forbidden Cappuccino

Source: bislut997

#5. Forbidden stroop waffle

Source: AheadEpoxy

#6. Forbidden cheese

Source: bleeblorb

#7. Forbidden cappuccino

Source: busilySponge69

#8. Who licked the icing off of the forbidden choclate cake?

Source: DuckDuckGoose_213

#9. Forbidden coffee beans

Source: ChrysPF

#10. Forbidden Two Miles of Banana

Source: JohnnyElijasialuk

#11. Furry strawberry BANANA snack

Source: Lannisterbox

#12. oVertone color conditioner looks like a chocolate pudding cup. Forbidden quarantine snack!

Source: danvan32

#13. Forbidden ground beef

Source: lewisisgud

#14. Delicious strawberry jam

Source: TheRevetoon

#15. Forbidden corned beef

Source: brittanydob

#16. Caught our Japanese exchange student about to drink this because it says “soda” and has fruit on the label

Source: McBeardedson

#17. Forbidden Gummy Candy (actually sea glass)

Source: the_shrimp_boi

#18. Forbidden beef

Source: littledeadfairy

#19. Forbidden Steak found in Istanbul

Source: moezana

#20. These forbidden mangoes are actually soap

Source: caramelcube

#21. Forbidden yellow pasta!

Source: slundered

#22. Forbidden bubble gum... no longer forbidden

Source: MadDifferentiation

#23. Forbidden iced bun

Source: lwadmin

#24. Forbidden Chocolate CHUNK cookie

Source: unknown / reddit

#25. Forbidden blackberry

Source: unknown / reddit

#26. Forbidden birthday cake

Source: JackScale

#27. Forbidden ball


#28. Forbidden sourdough

Source: _FONG_

#29. Forbidden mustard

Source: Hblitz

#30. Forbidden wiener


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