30 Daddy’s Tweets That’ll Make You Roll In Bed And Laugh Hard

Before cutting to the chase, we’d like to be clarified by those of you who are your daddy’s adorable girls and boys. Have you ever asked your beloved papas whether they were comedians in the past? Well, it is actually about your papas, sometimes, being funny when trying to fool you around with their silly jokes, especially when they have no fear to post them online. A little bit awkward, right? But it appears to be sweet when seeing papas getting along with their children and trying hard to be supportive of them as much as they can!
People often jokingly expose the infinitely low-key side of their dads after “dyingly” instructing them to use innovative tech devices. Even though their old men used to be masters in subjects of natural science at school or big bosses of their firms, they, all of a sudden, can be big guys with beer bellies and laughs that sound like boiling kettles. There is no need to assign anyone to a True or False questionnaire since we are all sharing the same thoughts about our quirky papas! We can even bet that your mommies do feel overwhelmed by their husbands’ deep gags for some time.
If you find yourselves as profoundly funny as your dads, congratulations, there is no way for you to be doubted as their adopted children! Come on, you should be proud of that because your jokes have your fathers’ power, which means they’re good enough to knock us out in laughter. By the way, 30 Tweets by “sassy” daddies are collected right below (for reference only…). Swipe down and try figuring out if your papas are that ridiculous and feel free to share your stories with us. Have fun, y’all!


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