30+ Crappy Wildlife Photos That Surely Make You Laugh Non-stop

How many times have you scrolled through breathtaking wildlife photography shots and got overwhelmed by their incredible beauty? Far different from taking landscapes or portraits pictures; wildlife shooters are required to master more than just a few simple skills to actually make it work. Animals don’t stay still, they continually move, hence, not only professional skills are needed, but patience and passion are also very important with shooters. In order to catch an astonishing moment of animals, photographers frequently have to fix themselves in a position for hours. It is now understandable when there are thousands of failure photos existing before a masterpiece is created.
So as to honor the efforts of photographers around the world, a Facebook  group named “Crap wildlife photography” was founded. Instead of eye-catching pictures, mediocre pics are preferred in the group. These photos might be poorly composed and out of focus, but they generate good vibes and funny moments for the community. Following this are 30 collective pictures that are believed to make you roll on the floor laughing.

#1. The Pinnacle Of My Wildlife Photography Career

Source: Mike Schultz

#2. Timed My Shot Perfectly

Source: Rava Williams

#3. Realizing I’d Made A Mistake

Source: Lizzy Hucker

#4. I Was Trying To Take A Picture Of This Juvenile Seagull And This Sleepy Pigeon Waddled In And Stole The Show

Source: Jamie Andrews

#5. I Was In The Middle Of A Zoom When I Noticed This Bastard

Source: Irsal Tomasati

#6. My Friend Found A Bobcat In Her Backyard Using Her Pool As A Toilet

Source: Teresa Mixon Gomez

#7. It Was Fast Not My Fault

Source: Muneer Al Shanti

#8. I Went Out To The Balcony To Photograph The Birds, But Instead Photographed A Fish…

Source: Tania Centorrino

#9. A Most Majestic Tree

Source: Liz Morsillo

#10. When Poles Fly

Source: Debbie Cow

#11. Took A Photo Of This Lazy Fella A Few Years Ago

Source: Cindy Von Liebig Uemura

#12. I Found A God Of All Pidgeons On A Walk With My Dog

Source: Weronika Szczyglak

#13. Grasshopper

Source: Cassandra Wingate

#14. Okay... So Maybe I Need More Practice Photographing Birds

Source: Jeff Dunn

#15. Caught This Guy Raiding The Bird Feeder At Night. Not Sure Why He Felt The Need To Cover His Private Parts

Source: Curt Finke

#16. This Great Horned Owl Was Chilling On The Roof Behind Our House. I Raced Around The Block Where The Light Was Better And Got This!

Source: Kevin Frey

#18. Is He.. Giving Me The.. Bird?!

Source: Josh Beckner

#19. I Was Trying To Take A Sweet Photo Of A Sparrow Having A Bath. I Appear To Have Taken A Photo Of Two Sparrows Committing A Murder

Source: Trish Sutherland

#20. Thanks For The Add... First Time I Ever Got Flipped The Bird By A Duck

Source: Lori Hall

#21. Hey,hey To All From Estonia!!!

Source: Kristin Roosiaas

#22. Excuse Me, But Could I Borrow A Cup Of Sugar?

Source: Tracy Ricker Rose

#23. When You Try To Feed Bambies Some Cabbage, But You Have Poor Aim

Source: Natasha Acephalous Patton

#24. I Said I Don't Want My Picture Taken

Source: Lyn MacDonald

#25. Got Yelled At Today

Source: Siân Addison

#26. One Of My Favorite Photos I’ve Taken

Source: Ken Hansen

#27. When Your Landing Is Just A Little Off

Source: Ken Hansen

#28. I Think I Really Captured The Beautiful Texture Of Aspen Tree Bark

Source: Gina Spyker Fairfield

#29. Derek Put The Seagull Down

Source: Emma George

#30. Gotta Be Quicker Than That!

Source: Denny Robinson

#31.He Did Not Appreciate Me Telling Him That We Weren't Open, And He Couldn't Come In

Source: Chelsea Siemon

#32.Snapped This Pic At Niagara Falls A Few Years Ago

Source: Jennifer Sterna

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