30 Clothing Troubles That Are Enough To Make Us Cringe

We all love fashion because it can make us look better in other people's eyes by hiding our less attractive parts. After having a good-looking appearance, we are more confident about ourselves, and we are more likely to move forward with people and chances— rather than turn away from them.
We cannot, however, ignore the fact that clothing has its own set of troubles. From design fails to laundry fails, there are several occasions when our clothes cause us to feel uncomfortable, frustrated, or even hialrious. In this article, we will share with you 30 clothing troubles that you will be familiar with. Scroll down to check them out for yourself. And if you have been through such frustrating situations, please share them with us in the comments.

#1. Trying to tie dye with bleach. Today I learned bleach eats clothes

Source: tiffyballs

#2. Took my favorite shirt to the dry cleaners before my boss's wedding tomorrow….. Time to go shopping I guess

Source: YesLikeTheJeans

#3. Mosquitos just love open-back shirts

Source: okay_but_what

#4. Don’t use your favorite shirt to open a soda bottle

Source: little-conrad

#5. Tried to pull off an itchy tag from my shirt

Source: iredditatleastwice

#6. My friend bought a shirt from her H.S. In Lone Grove Oklahoma. She didn’t try it on first...

Source: Battlescarred98

#7. Dislocated my knee while wearing borrowed pants

Source: DespicableM3H

#8. My wife bought these pants from a thrift store before noticing the...unfortunate... Stitching pattern on the back

Source: lol_camis

#9. The buttons seem to keep popping off my pants, but my favorite pair has the opposite problem

Source: TheBROinBROHIO

#10. Shirt decided to tear itself open at the start of my night out

Source: binthewin

#11. Went to the store last weekend and got some ants. Day 3 of owning them and the first time wearing them my family noticed my new... appendage I've been showing off... Really sh*tty design

Source: WeirdMuffins

#12. Yes, that is my shoe. Stuck in the mud


#13. Took a 20 dollar uber ride each way to pick up a shirt for my halloween costume from Spencers. Guess what they forgot to do…

Source: SkittleSh*t

#14. Just wondering why your top won't fit over my head

Source: OliviaSkuce

#15. I lost 6 pants sizes and tailored my shorts. My granddaughter asked me why I was wearing Sponge Bobs pants

Source: MyYorkie

#16. Put our clothes in the communal dryer. Clothes came out with someone’s dog hair on everything. Here’s a photo of my wife’s yoga pants!

Source: CheekyLilKunt

#17. I absentmindedly pulled at a thread in my “pants” during lecture, only to remember I was actually wearing nylons

Source: nootboots

#18. Chub rub pants

Clothing TroublesSource: victoriana

#19. Bought a case for the switch lite I got for my son's birthday later this week. Had no idea the Amazon driver yeeted it over the back fence, the dog opened it up and destroyed it, then I slipped and got my clothes caked in mud whilst retrieving it from the garden

Clothing TroublesSource: 9DAN2

#20. Chub rub pants

Clothing TroublesSource: eoutlet

#21. My favorite shirt vs. the dryer

Clothing TroublesSource: alexxela123456

#22. 6 articles of clothing knotting in the dryer

Clothing TroublesSource: Commander_Meat

#23. Just pulled my winter Calvin Klein jacket out from the basement... clearly I don’t know how to store clothing correctly

Clothing TroublesSource: flourishandcharm

#24. Finally did laundry and hung up all (most) of my clothes

Clothing TroublesSource: glowdragon270

#25. Washed these white shirts with a dark red one. Now I have my first pink pair of shirts ever in my life

Clothing TroublesSource: tanphu194

#26. My only black shirt that I’ve to wear today is burnt. How’s your Monday?

Clothing TroublesSource: vino8855

#27. The first rule when using an electric planer, tuck your shirt in!

Clothing TroublesSource: Caxtoncottage

#28. My dad asked me to cut my dog's hair today. I have never done it before. I wore black yoga pants and a sweatshirt. My dad can't stop laughing

Clothing TroublesSource: ktbop2791

#29. So I was picking up logs along the side of a VERY highly-trafficked road today, and for the last two hours before we finished up I kept thinking, "Gosh that sun's hot, but it's breezy and these pants sure are breathing well..."

Clothing TroublesSource: lcblangdale

#30. The heel of my shoe broke 3 hours into a 10-hour shift. On Black Friday. In retail

Clothing TroublesSource: eluveon

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