30 Adorably Scary Pics Of Cats Who Love Showing Their ‘Murder Mittens’

Cats are our adorable angels, but they're still scary hunters. Though nobody was killed by a feline, these purring beasts sometimes show us they aren't completely harmless. So, what are their threatening weapons? Cats have sharp, small fangs and pointy teeth that help them tear tough food and can leave several scratches on their owners' bodies.
More than that, cats possess an ultimate deathly arm: murderous claws. Studies estimate that free-ranging domestic cats eliminate up to 22 billion mammals and 4 billion birds per year in the U. Beside, felines contributed to the extinction of 63 species globally. Clearly, their claws and incredible reflex can never be underestimated.

#1. "I Have Activated The Claw Trap"

Source: tb0ne1915

#2. So Dramatic

Source: lskxpp

#3. The Paw Of A Lion

Source: raijin90

#4. Eek Casually Flexin’ The Claws

Source: Vast_Plant_1681

#5. "Our Local Pet Shelter Just Shared This Pic Of The Teeniest Murder Mittens I've Ever Seen"

Source: sonjasrevenge

#6. Kitty Just Wants Pets

Source: muchtimeandspace

#7. "He’s Trying To Lure Me Under The Bed With Red Balloons"

Source: Slamtastick

#8. "Four Week Old Wednesday Resorts To Violence To Get Her Way"

Source: Colar

#9. "My Fierce Lil Voidlet!"

Source: Brooksy925

#10. When She’s Relaxed But Also Doesn’t Want You To Forget The Potential To Murder

Source: stinkyspacebaby

#11. Press The Central Pad To Deploy

Source: FleetAdmiralWiggles

#12. Meet Patch

Source: FitProblem6248

#13. The Claw

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#14. She Likes To Hold Hands… If You Can Take It

Source: canadianartfart

#15. "I Was Told This Guy Might Belong Here"

Source: Unlucky_Entrance_512

#16. This Is Chub. Chub Likes To Show Off His Claws

Source: suspicious-banana1

#17. Orange Gollum Of The Carpet Cave Has Had Enough

Source: Disobeybee

#18. They Only Come Out When He's Been Hitting The Nip

Source: PipsqueakPilot

#19. "Go Ahead... Poke Me Again, Human"

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#20. "Sometimes Salem Likes To Hold My Finger Out Of Love. Most Times It's A Threat"

Source: Carnalvore86

#21. "I Wouldn't Let Him Eat The Lizard He Found In The House"

Source: tardisnottardy

#22. "Mittens To Remind Me To Keep Petting Him"

Source: Boring_Muffin_720Report

#23. 18 Years Old But Never Defenseless

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#24. Toe Splay

Source: bluecloudcastles

#25. "Marv Wants To Show Me Something"

Source: gabbath

#26. "No Skyrim, Only Me"

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#27. The Teeniest Of Murder Mittens Plotting His Escape Into The Big World

Source: Im_Asia

#28. Murder Mittens Gripping The Food Bowl

Source: Jelly18Bean

#29. "My Baby Murphy Had The Tiniest Murder Mittens"

Source: maya_loves_cows

#30. How Is Gus 89% Feet?

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