30 Adorable Photos That Will Light Up Your Day, Regardless Of How Bad It Seems

We all experience highs and lows, and occasionally it may seem as though nothing is going our way. But not everything is as horrible as it seems, and occasionally you just need a small reminder that there are still positive things going on in the world. And we've got you a dose of that much-needed optimism today.
Your faith in people will be restored as people share the most positive and inspiring things that have ever happened to them. View them in the gallery down below.

#1. I Rescued A Stray Cat In My Neighborhood. At Night His Brother Would Come To Visit Him. I Really Had No Other Options

Source: JDeebstuplift

#2. So Happy For Them Both

Source: LorenzoTheCat

#3. Awesome Uber Driver

Source: milkieway_

#4. This Is Tiernan McCready. He Saw 3 Males Grab An 18-Year-Old Girl And Try To Get Her In Their Van. He Reacted Instantly, Led The Girl To Safety And Told His Mother To Ring The Police

Source: Police Derry City & Strabane

This is how a hero looks like.

#5. Local Museum Posts Image Of A 1965 School Desk Inscribed With “Benny & Linda”. Benny Responds In Comments

Source: klpack11

#6. This Lovely Gentleman Came In Today To Learn How To Curl His Wife’s Hair

Source: Hair Design By Britney

He stepped up and learned how to curl his wife's hair because she can't do it herself and frequently burns herself. It was our joy to instruct him! We showed him how to apply her mascara, how to protect her skin from burns, and how to achieve volume curls on short hair.

#7. Heartwarming

Source: KeNtLuN

#8. Meet John Amanam, He Is A Skilled Craftsman From Nigeria, Who Is Paving The Way In Prosthetics For Darker Skin Tones

Source: Blacksregion

#9. With A Smile

Source: KFILE

#10. Sad And Beautiful At The Same Time

Source: Longwood01

#11. After Kobe’s Final Game, He Was Inspired To Start Working Out And Ended Up Losing 170 Lbs

Source: huertaweightgoals

#12. Kind Duck Returns Boy’s Flip-Flop That Fell Down The Hill

Source: Myla Aguila

#13. After Almost Exactly 1 And A Half Years I Have Lost 150 Lbs And I Couldn’t Be Happier. I Still Have A Bit To Go Before I Get To Where I Want To Be

Source: EndlessColor

#14. Got My First Shot (Moderna) Ever After Moving Out From Antivaxxer Parents

Source: Magalb

#15. My Foster Dog Had Never Been Indoors Before. This Is Her First Nap, On A Bed, In A Home

Source: mugglequeen

Sundae was removed from a backyard where a man was housing 16 dogs along with the body of a deceased dog. The only available refuge for the dogs was a garage and a backyard strewn with trash.
She has only been with us for approximately a week, yet you never would have guessed that. She is extremely gentle, completely toilet trained, and extremely polite indoors. She likes to snuggle up next to me in bed, which I believe is just her way of making up for the eight or so years that she received no affection.

#16. Back In 2000, Kevin Hines Jumped Off The Golden Gate Bridge Due To Mental Illnesses. He Miraculously Survived. Now He Is A Suicide Prevention Speaker

Source: Nazo5

#17. Wholesome Fatherhood

Source: AndyKimNJ

#18. This Guy Was Standing Alongside Highway 90 In Biloxi, MS

Source: nalonrae

#19. Despite Adversity, Showing She Cares About The Planet

Source: teamtrashgirl

Nadia Sparks, a 13-year-old student from Norwich, was called "Trash Girl" and subjected to being called trash, having juice thrown in her face, being followed and attacked, and even having a knife shown to her by classmates.
Despite all the harassment, she has continued with her effort and collected thousands of liters of trash, much of which has been recycled. She received international attention and prizes after her tale went viral, and she now serves as an ambassador for the WWF.

#20. This Tiny Fox Has Been Visiting Our Garden Every Day And Wants To Be Friends

Source: Badders00

#21. I Told My Sister If She Graduated With Honors I Would Wear A Matching Dress To Her Graduation. She Said The Thought Of Seeing Me In A Dress Was Her Motivation. Worth It To Me

Source: frekkenstein

#22. This Kitten Followed Me Home Like 8 Blocks And Then After That, She Broke Into My House Back In July Of 2019. I Wasn’t Even Mad I Decided To Keep Her And I Named Her Shadow

Source: prince_mir97

She was given the moniker Shadow since she likes to ambush people. She is such a great friend of mine.

#23. Meer Seconds After She Said Yes

Source: beast1267

#24. My Good Boy Is Officially Cancer Free

Source: Ne0n_Galaxy

#25. Chemo. Surgery. Radiation. Done

Source: isfearitself

The inscription reads, "Today's your graduation and it's for a good cause," and "In honor of a doctor who initiated the tradition (lost his name). Please ring the bell loudly and stand to applaud. Love to everyone who is in need. Therapy is beneficial.

#26. I’m Four Years Free From Heroin Addiction Today! Top Picture Was During Active Addiction, Bottom Pic Is Me Now With My 2-Year-Old Son. We Do Recover

Source: beannnssss

#27. Love You, NYC

Source: AlexLJanin

#28. 365 Days Of Recovery

Source: megtheegg4

#29. Locals Protects Stray Dog From Dogcatchers

Source: Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

#30. This Is One Of My Dad’s Art Students, Gabe. This Was Done By Charcoal. He’s 16 Years Old

Source: deraudawg

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