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People Are Posting Pics Of Hilarious Balconies They Randomly Saw

A balcony is a little sweet place where you can plant small succulents, step out to get some fresh air, set a chair to enjoy a hot coffee with a book in the morning, or romantically star watching in the evening. You don’t actually need a balcony for your house, but having one is better, so why not?

In fact, some people care about their balconies so much that they can do their level best to make them very noticeable. No one can even ignore them. From tiny useless balconies that cannot serve any purpose, silly decorated ones to crazy handmade ones, those will definitely make you burst out laughing.

Below are some of the most ridiculous balconies that people came across and shared on the internet. If you are finding something fun on boring days, this post will be right up your street!

#1. “This Cat Ladder”

Image source: matroskin82

#2. “Includes A “Private Balcony.” It’s Just A View Of The Wall Of The Next Building”

Image source: Jagokoz

#3. “Finally Found Some Furniture To Fit My Balcony”

Image source: thejyppara

#4. “Wtf Is Going On With This Balcony?”

Image source: ShoutingBlackbird

#5. “The View Of My Balcony Before And After They Removed A Tree”

Image source: berchielli

#6. “My Neighbors Made Their Balcony Into A Pirate Ship”

Image source: DTIT1TD

#7. “Chow Chow With His Own Balcony”

Image source: malmordar

#8. “What About These Solar Panels, Mounted On The Balcony?”

Image source: stereotip3

#9. “Funny Balcony (Paris, France)”

Image source: gg75018

#10. “Balcony Is A Fake”

Image source: cryptelda

#11. “Will The Balcony Resist The Weight?”

Image source: natezomby

#12. “This Pointy Balcony”

Image source: S_K_01

#13. “I Have No Words”

Image source: Oleksandr Burlaka

#14. “Balconies?”

Image source: Ascic

#15. “The Upstairs Balcony Looks A Little Unfinished”

Image source: winnipegballbag

#16. “Meanwhile, Somewhere In Yevpatoria, Crimea”

Image source: barenton

#17. “Spaceship Balcony”

Image source: Oleksandr Burlaka

#18. “Balconies Without Any Windows Or Patio Area”

Image source: Anjel_

#19. “One Person Gets A Balcony”

Image source: ThatPugOverThere

#20. “There Is No Way To Get To This Balcony”

Image source: famyott

#21. “My Buddy And I Found A Tiny Useless Balcony”