Some Of The Worst DIY Projects That People Came Across And Shared On The Internet

DIY (as known as Do-it-yourself) projects and craft ideas are some of the best ways to help you reduce stress or simply kill your time during boring days, especially quarantine due to the pandemic. Some people actually take the opportunity to create something fun and unique to share on the internet. Besides the most creative projects that may inspire others to start making their own, we come across many not-quite-successful ones that we must call terrible, to be honest.
Someone created a group on Facebook called That’s its, I’m craft shaming, and people here are sharing awful projects that they accidentally saw somewhere. These are odd and awkward, but they may bring you a laugh anyway. Let’s check!

#1. Used only a couple of times

Image source: Jessica Whetten

#2. Mosquitoes nails

Image source: Laura Jane

#3. So what exactly is it?

Image source: Anne Scherbina

#4. No but that's so funny

Image source: Lisa Flores

#5. Haha

Image source: Ciel Crosbie

#6. This button doll

Image source: Erin Richardson

#7. Don't look at these eyes

Image source: Taylor Dawn Mitchell

#8. Concrete smiling stones

Image source: Salem Oberyn Shallenberger

#9. Just do it yourself

Image source: Mariam ElTouny

#10. Local playground

Image source: Marisa Aitch

#11. Handmade elephant

Image source: Mily Idol

#12. What?

Image source: Amy Elkins-Reed

#13. Macrame Wall Hanging

Image source: Jen Tylutki

#14. But why? It's creepy

Image source: Justice Aasha Forsythe

#15. But it's a paper boat

Image source: Melissa Daly

#16. "Found In The Wild On Market Place Handmade Sea Shell “Fountain”

Image source: Apolonia Neti Gavrilova

#17. Do it if you want

Image source: Katie Solana

#18. This is "art"

Image source: Sarah Lanzavecchia

#19. Kind of cute huh

Image source: Anthony Ashdown

#20. Just horrible ideas, really

Image source: Jennifer Shaw Reda

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