20 Girls Who Aren't Afraid Of Showing Their Hilarious Selfies

Since taking selfies is a kind of entertaining way, we tend to make our selfies as perfect as possible to share them on the internet. Everybody wants to have a flawless selfie and gets compliments, right?
Sometimes you will realize that a nice selfie is good, but it isn’t fun. Everyone does that, so it seems like nothing special. For that reason, some people decide to take selfies in hilarious ways to brighten up their day. They aren’t afraid of showing their "abnormal" pics compared to their normal ones. And you can’t deny that those hilarious photos are much more amusing.
We’ve rounded up 20 pictures of girls who are willing to show their “ugly” faces to other people. You can hardly believe that it’s the same person in both pics. They look totally different, but they're just so funny. Scroll down to enjoy!

#1. "My Monday, Wednesday, And Friday Face"

Image source: prettylittlenutter

#2. "Muppet Vibes"

Image source: lazarus_lateralus

#3. "Get You A Girl Who Can Do Both"

Image source: Taylor-Cox-TLC

#4. "Never Even Imagined My Chin Could Recede Like This"

Image source:

#5. "Shaved My Head So I Could Go Full Thumb"

Image source: Howtomakethinhamster

#6. "My Boyfriend Says This Is The Only Face Of Mine That Truly Scares Him"

Image source: 21summerroses

#7. "In Light Of All The Recent Coronavirus Hysteria, I Thought Now Would Be An Excellent Time To Share My Sneeze Collage"

Image source: ig_gnome_inious

#8. "It’s A Skill"

Image source: tdyyy92

#9. "Good Morning From Sweden"

Image source: km_eriksson

#10. "I Was Born For Social Distancing"

Image source:

#11. "Trying To Take A Cute Selfie vs. Accidentally Opening The Front Camera"

Image source: AlanaAraya

#12. "What I Look Like With A Full Face Of Make Up, Wig And Lashes vs. What I Send My Sister. Enjoy"

Image source: mewtent

#13. "Present, Faces My Boyfriend Hates"

Image source:

#14. "At Work vs. Relaxing At Home With Pets. He Peed On Me When I Took This Picture"

Image source: vrnkafurgis

#15. "Me On Instagram vs. Me Scrolling Reddit In Bed"

Image source: moonari

#16. "Always Surprised When I Look Back On This Halloween Pic…"

Image source: liltinykitter

#17. "What I Post On My Story vs. My Private Story"

Image source:

#18. "Me Thinkin Bout The Global Pandemic V. Me Thinkin Bout My Dystopian Alter Ego"

Image source: Dipitydoodahdipityay

#19. "Jaw Surgery Has Turned Me Into An Actual Chipmunk"

Image source: posie-pink

#20. "A Fine Selection"

Image source: daisysnek

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