20 Things That Look So Much Like Delicious Food But You Should Never Try One Bite

Have you ever seen something around you and started to think that it looks so much like delicious food? You are not so hungry to have that weird idea, but actually, we can spot things that appear like a slice of tasty meat, fresh broccoli, sweet chocolate bar, or attractive fried eggs. We can come across such things anywhere, just like an inspiration. Of course, those things may have a seemingly edible appearance, but you know that you should never try just one bite. But it may be fun when we enjoy those "juicy food" in our imagination.
We have piled up a list of edible things that people encountered and shared them online. Make sure that you’re full while scrolling through these pics, because they may make your belly rumble.

#1. "This Rock Looks Like A Potato"

Image source: dasmahhamma

#2. "Forbidden Ice Cream"

Image source: keldit

#3. "Landscaping Stone I Found That Looks Exactly Like A Hunk Of Crab Leg Meat"

Image source: DemBai7

#4. "I Can’t Believe These Are Rubber Bands, Not Pasta Noodles"

Image source: Keanulaszlo

#5. "Saw This Rock And Thought It Was A Cheesecake"

Image source: QualityCucumber

#6. "I Was At Work One Day When I Found This Clay In The Shelf… Forbidden Chocolate For A Kid"

Image source: SatansBigSister

#7. "Hospital Staff Gave Me A Snack On The Bed Sheets, Turns Out It’s The Sponge I Need To Use In The Shower Before Surgery"

Image source: Kirito619

#8. "When You Try To Make Peppermint Swirl Soap And It Comes Out Looking Like Raw Meat"

Image source: eeyore134

#9. "My Toothpaste Looks Like Salmon Belly"

Image source: NECRO_PASTORAL

#10. "I Found A Mushroom That Looks Like A Fried Egg"

Image source: aintitquaint

#11. "Not Sure What's That, But It Definitely Looks Like Eggs"

Image source: Gabriel-Madrid

#12. "Bacon Rock"

Image source: Rezrkt

#13. "This Rock Looks Like A Grilled Cheese Sandwich"

Image source: SirEleventy

#14. "The Cleaning Lady Took This From The Bathroom And Put It In The Fridge"

Image source: pbull01

#15. "I Microwaved Soap And It Looks Like Bread"

Image source: Horacioo

#16. "I Thought This Pine Cone Looked Like A Stack Of Pancakes, So I Made Some Butter Out Of Some Fallen Leaves"

Image source: MountainTroll07

#17. "The Surprising Amount Of Bite Marks On These IKEA Display Apples"

Image source: Berryyrreb

#18. "This Rock Found In Indiana That Looks Like Fried Chicken"

Image source: 9999monkeys

#19. "Forbidden Milk"

Image source: nerdallure

#20. "One Is Chocolate, One Is For The Dishwasher"

Image source: ghostsinurblood

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