29 Shocking Before And After Snaps That You Won't Believe Show The Same Girls

When it comes to selfies, we often think of those flawless pics all over social media. However, unlike most pics we usually see, these young ladies down here have created a hilarious trend of posting before and after snaps that show the shocking difference between their ugliest looks and normal ones, and they are shockingly hilarious. Prepare to be amazed as you read on!
The trend started way back in 2011 on a Tumblr blog called Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces, which then turned into a subreddit with the same name, PrettyGirlsUglyFaces. Now, with over 45 thousand followers and counting, this hilarious online community receives user uploads on a regular basis. And the sole purpose of this is to demonstrate to the world that even the most picture-perfect individuals on the Internet are still simply people and that nobody always looks flawless. It's not merely to make people laugh till they cry. So let's have some fun by scrolling through some of the funniest snaps, then feel free to try it by yourself too; enjoy!

#1. So, which death metal band are you in?

Before And After SnapsSource: chompop

#2. HOW?

Before And After SnapsSource: Dipitydoodahdipityay

#3. Oh my...

Before And After SnapsSource: ThisIsHowIShowMyLove

#4. Lady in the streets, koi fish in the sheets.

Before And After SnapsSource: KennKennyKenKen

#5. "My sister is unbelievable!"

Before And After SnapsSource: mysisterishideous

#6. Look, it's Sid the sloth!

Before And After SnapsSource: dm_me_bitchlasagna

#7. What that mouth do?

Before And After SnapsSource: reddit

#8. "Post gym vs post shower... it’s a pity I lose all that volume"

Before And After SnapsSource: PaleMakeup

#9. Dang, she's her own grandma!

Before And After SnapsSource: Dipitydoodahdipityay

#10. That chin and throat work is astounding.

Before And After SnapsSource: ashda1st

#11. Muppet vibes.

Source: lazarus_lateralus

#12. "My boyfriend says this is the only face of mine that truly scares him."

Source: 21summerroses

#13. "I've missed you, can I have a kiss?"

Source: JennIsFit

#14. You have a cute sister, sir.

Source: reddit

#15. Master of disguise

Source: daisysnek

#16. "Aww when are you due?? I’m not pregnant, I’m just really talented."

Source: reddit

#17. Poolside

Source: KevlarYarmulke

#18. "I have achieved the thumb look"

Source: Mirambi

#19. This was on the SAME DAY- the contrast!

Source: funky_s

#20. "Left is the way I usually roll"

Source: paplodiscobar

#21. "Me and my redneck brother."

Source: Mizelle

#22. "So I play rugby..."

Source: UnikornAids

#23. "Never even imagined my chin could recede like this"

Source: unanatkumot

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