29 Posts That Go From "Innocent" To "Hol' Up, Wait A Minute" Real Quick

If you spend enough time on the internet, you will most likely come across the infamous essence of the internet: memes. While most of them are pretty straightforward, we can predict the sense of humor they contain. Yet, there is still a "mine" of comedy gold out there, filled with the most unexpected punchline we have ever seen. And for some reason, these will hit harder than the types of jokes that we have come to know and love over the years, and we will love them even more for it. So keep reading as we present some hilarious jokes and posts that go from "innocent" to "wait a minute" real quick.
Introducing the subreddit "Hol Up!," the online community dedicated to images, memes, and dark jokes that make you raise an eyebrow and wonder what the living heck is going on there. And sometimes, these posts are filled with mildly offensive plot twists and can make us feel like bad people for laughing. But hey, just laugh it out. (We won’t tell a soul, LOL.) Without further ado, let's dive right into our hand-picked list of some of the most questionable yet hilarious posts from this community; enjoy!

#1. Let’s cut the middle man out, just climb into the trunk, please.

Source: Putin-is-listening

#2. I-

Wait A MinuteSource: Ayo_its_linda

#3. Metric system

Wait A MinuteSource: Sobutterysmooth

#4. Interesting choice of employment.

Wait A MinuteSource: BeerLeagueSnipes

#5. Bruh.

Wait A MinuteSource: Lucinda16023

#6. Only in America...

Wait A MinuteSource: braveen10

#7. The homie.

Wait A MinuteSource: ChildhoodCalm

#8. The coffee is free.

Wait A MinuteSource: MaverickGoose81

#9. Well, some of us peasants can't afford Morgan Freeman.

Wait A MinuteSource: doublejmsu

#10. hehe.

Wait A MinuteSource: BlackJim1929

#11. He's just a businessman doing business...

Wait A MinuteSource: paaandora

#12. "I forgot that some people are in relationships"

Source: scooping101

#13. What predates of tigers?!

Source: ludakinjamd

#14. Those men were awf- wait what?

Source: SkepticDrinker

#15. That's unfortunate...

Source: patorac63

#16. I mean... He's not wrong tho?

Source: ExpertAccident

#17. Wait a minute...

Source: Jec1027

#18. Kind kidney donators:

Source: biominimal

#19. Good. Wait, what?

Source: Lagspresso

#20. The American dream:

Source: 10247---

#21. This man maxed out his introvert stat;

Source: trotame

#22. "I was today years old when I realized this is a hooker..."

Source: invertedparadX

#23. She was probably very good at sports...

Source: GGezpzMuppy

#24. Well technically...

Source: The_Egomaniac

#25. Wait, the other ones can hear us??

Source: HarrisonSmith85

#26. *wink wink*

Source: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#27. Run along now child go play!

Source: reddit

#28. Definitely.

Source: NOAM7778

#29. Hol' up...

Source: TheFazziest

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