Epic Fashion Fails That Prove Some People Should Never Be Allowed to Design Clothes Again (NEW PICS!)

Ah, fashion! Whether you are an enthusiast or have little to no interest in fashion, it still plays an important role in our lives. Seriously, whether you're staying inside or going out for a quick breath of fresh air, putting on a neat, tidy outfit will make you look ten times more attractive. And when you look good, you will definitely feel good. However, while we all understand that fashion is a matter of personal preference, when we see an unusual outfit on the street, we wonder who would wear it—or, more importantly, who designed it. That is why we scoured the internet for some of the funniest and most epic fashion fails that will make you believe some designers should never be allowed to make clothes again; keep reading to check them all out!
From unfortunately placed text sending mixed messages to ugly patterns that look like menstrual blood, these design failures are so bad, they should be on the list of the most dangerous crimes. So let’s brace ourselves and get ready to have a laugh or two with those epic fashion fails below. Also, we hope this list will be a warning for all of you fashion-minded individuals out there to stay safe! (LOL) Enjoy!

#1. "So my sister had a Clemson mask made for her…"

Source: TBoneTheOriginal

#2. "I couldn't stop giggling at her new "flower" dress."

Source: C-hip

#3. Well, some music is hard to listen to...

Source: Patpatnotstar

#4. Isn't he a good boy?

Source: Big_Jamal_AMA

#5. Totally inconspicuous.

Source: ubaldejason

#6. Y'all, it's said Saturday.

Source: cosmictrousers

#7. Perfect for the hot summer days...

Source: miyagawadai

#8. Hmmm...

Source: DeanSonOfDave

#9. Say that again, loud and proud!

Source: nifflermoon

#10. I really like this dress... Period.

Source: Weird (and Wonderful) Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

#11. What every bride wants: a brown ribbon streaming out of her ass.

Source: Luprand

#12. "Our music is to die for"

Source: reddit

#13. "We decided grandma shouldn't wear her Bahamas T-shirt with a sweater."

Source: rtowne

#14. The kind of pants that can go up to $907:

Source: zoofashions

#15. " Finally, he found the footwear more embarrassing for his kids than crocs..."

Source: trusk89

#16. I have so many questions...

Source: reddit

#17. She's three identical butterflies. Pretty rare.

Source: GeneBeean

#18. Fashion is evolving.

Introducing: Chapless assless chaps.

Source: girolski07

#19. Let's spend $490 to look like you don't know how to wear glasses!

Source: gucci

#20. Pants that make you look really pissed

Source: Lord_H1D30U5

#21. Where is the rest of it???

Source: 1AbbyRoad

#22. New outfits choice for anti-vaxxer kids.

Source: reddit

#23. Seems like she really wants dem nuts!

Source: KyleRichXV

#24. Literally being held by a thread.

Source: agroyle

#25. I don't know how these models keep a straight face.

Source: harri_ks

#26. What is that?! What the f*ck is that?!

Source: hrithikbadass

#27. Highlighted area:

Source: asos

#28. Is it for the kidneys to breathe?

Source: shitoupek

#29. Lastly, these Olympic uniforms.... Just why?

Source: reddit

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