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20 Funny Memes That Divulge The Inner Child In Each Taurean

People born under Taurus are often kind, gentle, and very sweet. They are adored for their calm demeanor and laid-back attitude, which make them look kind of mature and chill in front of others. However, inside each Taurean, there is also a kid who never wants to grow up. That little one is weirdly stubborn, introverted, voracious, and occasionally very lazy.

In this post, we have rounded up 20 funny memes that relate to pretty common situations when Taureans suddenly become strangely childish and self-willed. Sometimes they’re quite annoying, but most of the time they make these obstinate people even more real and adorable! Let’s check them out:

#1. Oooh, you lose.

Image source: whitneyclair6

#2. Personal chef?? Yes, please.

Image source: lazyandmad

#3. You heard it wrong, babe.

Image source: urban_astrology

#4. Definitely love it!

Image source: drunkstrology

#5. Are you sure?

Image source: zodiaac_memes

#6. Must. Stay. Awake.

Image source: zodiacc.zonee

#7. One laugh a day keeps the doctor away.

Image source: taurus.space

#8. Or a second.

Image source: _life_of_a_taurus

#9. It’s just so sad.

Image source: taurus.personality

#10. Scaryyyy!!!

Image source: aryantics

#11. It’s called self-care, ever heard of it?

Image source: tauruscontent

#12. Thank you, thank you very much.

Image source: _life_of_a_taurus

#13. Can’t help it.

Image source: taurus__meanings

#14. It feels like I’ve been studying my whole life.

Image source: taurusimply

#15. Three years sound good.

Image source: zodiacbear

#16. NOOOO!!!!

Image source: taurus_royalbull

#17. Buh-bye.

Image source: taurusi_news.memes

#18. Please leave me alone.

Image source: taurus.personality

#19. Yeah? Try me.

Image source: taurus.perfect

#20. How about both?

Image source: taurusmeme

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