People Share Hilariously Terrible Menus They Saw In Restaurants

The menu is one of the first things you will see when you come to a restaurant. It’s an advertising tool that shows you what you will be served or what interesting experience you’re going to have. Nevertheless, some restaurants manage to lose their profession by making silly menus. With ridiculous photos, unreadable fonts, questionable photoshop, weird word arrangements that mess with customer’s eyes, they completely make marketing fails.
In this post, we’ve collected some of the worst menus that people saw in restaurants and shared them on the internet. These are so hilarious that I can’t stop laughing. You know, not only the small restaurants make these funny mistakes, even the big ones are no exception. Let’s check them out!

#1. "This Was The Image Of Choice For An Ice Cream Menu In Austria"

Image source: PM_ME_YOUR_BO0BIEZ

#2. "This Menu"

Image source: TehJimmy

#3. "This Seductive Duck I Found On A Menu In Vietnam, Complete With An Excellent Typo"

Image source: ldotchopz

#4. "The Sushi Restaurant, That I Went To, Accidentally Put A Picture Of USB Sushi On Their Menu"

Image source: PainOnTap

#5. "This “Plane” On My Airline Menu"

Image source: slaytanic667

#6. "Translated The Menu, Boss"

Image source: TheHelgon

#7. "This Busy Ice Cream Shop In Seattle Put Their Menu On A Mirror So It’s Impossible To Read"

Image source: cwithersk12s

#8. "Subway Salad Menu"

Image source: kiloparamedic

#9. "The Motherlode Of The 90s Nightmares"

Image source: jakeninja

#10. “You’ll Need To Use The Flashlight On Your Phone To Read The Menu” – Waitress

Image source: account_user_name

#11. "This Menu"

Image source: AC_Schnitzel

#12. "An Online Menu For A Restaurant I Was Considering Eating At"

Image source: Komalandorinha

#13. "Top-Notch Photoshop On This Greek Menu"

Image source: 8-moebius-8

#14. "It’s On Their Menu"

Image source: elliotclay76

#15. "The Peas Are Upside Down"

Image source: Epidemiologic

#16. "My Friend Is In Florence, Italy And This Restaurant He’s At Has An Assassins Creed Screenshot As Their Menu Background"

Image source: Hicklebonk

#17. "This Picture Isn’t Blurry, That’s How The Menu Looks"

Image source: Metro_Mutt

#18. "French Restaurant Menu"

Image source: truffs1010

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