Funny Examples Of People Acting Like It's Not Their Job

When you can do your dream job, it will be a wonderful experience that you don’t want anything more. You work enthusiastically as if it’s not simply a job, it’s all your passion. You’re happy with every working day, and try to do it as perfectly as possible.
But not everyone can get the type of jobs they want. They just do a job to keep their head above water, they don’t like it at all but have no choice, so they put less effort into it. The result is they may create failures such as misspellings on the signs, careless packagings, wrong installations, sketchy subtitles, and other funny mistakes.
So, below are some examples of people acting like it’s not their job that are so hilarious. We all know that no one is perfect, but these pics still make us wonder how people can make things fail ridiculously like that. Guys, check these out to have a good laugh!

#1. "Corporate Said We Should Put In A New Fire Alarm, Not Remove Old Ones"

Image source: Lev_Astov

#2. "Added Subtitles, Boss"

Image source: -ksguy-

#3. "I Wrote Warnings, Boss"

Image source: makakaqle

#4. "This ATM In Egypt Is Not Grounded And Can Electrocute People, Paper Says “Use Wooden Stick”

Image source: saintkillio

#5. "Installed The Street Lights Boss"

Image source: karim_abdelrahreem

#6. "Answered All The Questions, Boss!"

Image source: yecapixtlan

#7. "Whoever Named These Streets"

Image source: SalazarRED

#8. "Took The Driver’s License Photo Boss"

Image source: awsome_repost_bro

#9. "The Sign’s Up, Boss!"

Image source: TheUnchainedZebra

#10. "Workin For The Big Man"

Image source: parkinsonslaw

#11. "I Decided It Was Faster To Draw The Qr Codes, Boss”

Image source: speederaser

#12. "Just Put Monday"

Image source: Toukoxxx

#13. "Made The Engraving, Boss"

Image source: awesomeduuuu

#14. "Packed The Violin Bow, Boss"

Image source: selective_mutist

#15. "I Painted The Fence Boss"

Image source: extraSauce88

#16. "Got Those Smoke Detectors Marked Up, Boss"

Image source: shrekoncrakk

#17. "Godamnit Roy"

Image source: ntheg111

#18. "Finished Putting Up The Sign Boss"

Image source: Anonymous

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