People On Twitter Share Photos Of Funny And Weird Stuff They Found In Guys' Bathrooms

The bathroom is an essential space in the house, and of course, it's significant. Sometimes when you have a guest or friend coming over, the scene they see in your bathroom may be their first impression of you. Guessing some common stuff in ladies’ bathrooms are quite easy, yes, they have a lot of things that almost every girl has. But we can hardly guess what can be seen in the boy’s bathroom. Not like women, man’s bathrooms or toilets are much simpler. There are some things, however, that you can’t even imagine.
Let’s take a look at the list that we’ve collected below. A Twitter user shared a picture of what she found in a boy’s bathroom and asked other women on the internet to share the odd things they found in their boyfriend’s bathrooms. These pics are so funny and I guarantee they will make you burst out laughing. I laugh so hard, too. Here we go!

#1. You need to change your toothbrush regularly

Image source: HooliganHoule

#2. Oh, it's cool

Image source: clarabellecows

#3. Hey, Myrtle

Image source: thestoryofpat

#4. A... shelf

Image source: lindsrio

#5. Creative toilet paper roll

Image source: ohhitsmckenna

#6. Why did this to the toilet paper?

Image source: harley_schroyer

#7. You're next

Image source: haileighschwalm

#8. "Just in case you wanted to play drums from the tub"

Image source: kashedkuramel

#9. Nice shoes

Image source: arlenebel

#10. The pope holds the window open like this

Image source: am_wilki

#11. It works

Image source: alexxaandraaaa

#12. Yes, it's really crazy

Image source: morogerrs

#13. And marshmallows...

Image source: kaitlinsimon99

#14. Okay you see what?

Image source: biggaydogmom

#15. That's funny

Image source: mollyfat2

#16. A turtle shell

Image source: ainslie200

#17. Bill Nye

Image source: AnnaIsAwesome8

#18. A cute owl

Image source: pabstjules_

#19. It makes no sense

Image source: AtomicFox_

#20. I have no words

Image source: morganburbank

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