17 People Who Try To Make Their Own Cakes But Fail Hilariously

People have a tendency to come to buy cakes at the bakeries, especially fancy ones for important events. It’s the fastest and most convenient way. However, one day you suddenly try to make your own cake just because you have so much free time and want to make your work more meaningful. A surprising birthday cake for your mom, for example. Sounds interesting, right?
You think that it will be okay to just follow the recipes you find on the internet, but everything doesn’t go according to the way you expected. Guys, baking cakes is not easy work, ever. And even though some people know that, they still decide to bake cakes at home. As a result, they create hilarious cake disasters.
So, we’ve collected some funny photos of cake baking fails for you to enjoy. From a silly snowman cake to ridiculous Disney character cakes, these will definitely crack you up. Are you ready for a good laugh? Here we go!

#1. "Nailed it!"

Image source: Justsoinsane

#2. "Friend's parents tried to re-do a Chewbacca cake they found on the internet for his birthday"

Image source: IMAAssblaster

#3. "I way over-estimated my abilities"

Image source: kazarooni

#4. "Elsa cake"

Image source: sweethandz

#5. "Well I tried"

Image source: think_up

#6. "My wife made a dragon cake for her mother's birthday"

Image source: lemurvomitX

#7. "Tried my best to make a roach cake for my 8 yo"

Image source: spikedays

#8. "Belle cake"

Image source: Scaulbylausis

#9. "I was in rehab for hard drugs at 21, and this is still by far the biggest failure of my life"

Image source: IAMwhorribleperson

#10. "This attempt at a rainbow crepe cake"

Image source: Turenner

#11. "Daughter wanted a homemade "Little Mermaid" cake. I tried really hard"

Image source: noodlepartipoodle

#12. "There was an attempt by my dad to make my brother Patrick star birthday cake"

Image source: JRose513

#13. "My Darth Maul birthday cake ate too much cake"

Image source: m00ska

#14. "My sister attempted to make a red velvet Christmas tree cake"

Image source: CoproliteSandwich

#15. "Elmo/ Elmer"

Image source: Triggercut72

#16. "Tried a mirror glaze"

Image source: AloneMordakai

#17. "Minnie gained some weight"

Image source: MrSquid224

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