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20 Times People Said That They Are Sharing Living Space With A ‘Monster’

House-sharing can bring you a lot of advantages. You can save money, share pieces of furniture, have lots of fun. But it can also be a nightmare if you live with the wrong people. They do not help you clean up the house but “help” you make a mess instead. They may be the potential for massive noise, and sometimes they can be so annoying, making you think you are living with a monster. Even your parents or spouse can drive you insane with their bad living habits, in your own house.

In this post, we’ve rounded up 20 funny photos to show you some of the worst housemates ever. They can leave the dishes to pile up, make the living room dirty like a garbage dump, throw out other’s energy drinks without permission, and do many more bothersome things. Scroll down to check!

#1. “When Your Housemate Uses The Living Room As His Bedroom”

Image source: td5000

#2. “My Roommate Can’t Read”

Image source: rocinante_donnager

#3. “The Way My Family Leaves The Toothpaste”

Image source: PIE_OF_LIFE64

#4. “This Is How My Mom Puts The Knives Away In The Drying Rack”

Image source: Ladyb6111

#5. “What Kind Of Person Leaves This In The Freezer”

Image source: thwacked

#6. “I Married The Person Who Does This”

Image source: armchairsender

#7. “My Mom Always Eats The Chocolate And Puts It Back In The Freezer Like That”

Image source: its-just-susann

#8. “I Love My Wife Dearly, But This Is How She Leaves The Ice Cream After Getting Some For Herself”

Image source: meatbag2010

#9. “My Housemate Still Hasn’t Got Rid Of His Pumpkin From Halloween”

Image source: dwarvencactus

#10. “My Dad Who Takes Bites Out Of Butter. Disgusting”

Image source: goldtail15

#11. “My Roommate And I Own Only Two Pots. When He Cooks, He Stores The Leftovers In The Fridge In The Pots, Instead Of Putting Them In Containers”

Image source: ihaverocketlegs

#12. “Day 6 Of Living With A Roommate For The First Time. I’m Looking For A New Place”

Image source: bigshrimps

#13. “My Stuff Is Circled. The Other Stuff Is My Sister’s”

Image source: trojanAMERICAN

#14. “My Wife Ate Every Single Marshmallow In A Family Sized Box Of Count Chocula. Every Single One”

Image source: ccurtiswriting

#15. “My Flatmate Isn’t The Biggest Fan Of Hygiene. This Festive Potato Managed To Grow In His Cupboard”

Image source: TomTheTurtwig

#16. “This Is How My Boyfriend Leaves The Sink After He Shaves”

Image source: nymphymixtwo

#17. “I Live With Monsters”

Image source: Giryee

#18. “How My Girlfriend Doesn’t Zip The Resealable Bag Closed And Puts The Bag In Upside Down”

Image source: hunt103

#19. “I Married A Monster”

Image source: mrklopez01

#20. “Thesis Due In A Few Days And I Don’t Need This Extra Stress Of People Stealing My Stuff From The Communal Fridge”

Image source: reddit.com

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