28 Unfortunate Product Names That Will Leave You in Stitches

Oh boy, oh boy! Who's the brainiac responsible for coming up with these bizarre product names? From eyebrow-raising to downright outrageous, these names are pure comedy gold! Some are lost in translation, while others are just plain wrong, but you can't help but chuckle at their sheer audacity. Whether it's a sexual innuendo or just plain weird, these product names are the gift that keeps on giving. I mean, come on, who doesn't want to buy a product with a name that's so funny, it makes you snort milk out of your nose? Keep 'em coming, marketing geniuses!
Here, Emily has scoured the internet to bring you some of the funniest product names you can ever see. So dive right into this list and have the best laugh of your life; enjoy!

#1. Work every time!

Source: DirtStarSnipet

#2. For the working man.

Source: SavelyHeriberto

#3. Slow down!

Source: Unknown/Flickr

#4. Hmm...

Source: collegehumor

#5. For royal sh*theads everywhere.

Source: mike_pants

#6. How is milk homogenized?

Source: lilyincanada

#7. Sounds... edible.

Source: memolition


Source: Unknown/Flickr

#9. Oh, sure. Don’t share. Keep it all to yourself why don’t cha?

Source: tokopedia

#10. What a way to sell gel...

Source: memethings

#11. Yes, Coma: when nothing is in your mind except a test pattern.

Source: Sublight Monster

#12. Eat this with the homo milk to double the effect!

Source: Sublight Monster

#13. For when a regular Schick for the dick just won’t do.

Source: teamjimmyjoe

#14. Thanks, I hate it!

Source: Unknown/Imgur

#15. The water too?

Source: Unknown/Photobucket

#16. For when you’re really feeling dirty...

Source: Kevin Hutchinson

#17. Now added MSG!

Source: Unknown/Imgur

#18. I don't even know where to begin...

Source: highglosshighs

#19. Now that’s how you start your day!

Source: Unknown/Imgur

#20. Taste better with beer!

Source: Unknown/Imgur

#21. For both 1 & 2.

Source: Unknown/Imgur

#22. Just squeeze it!

Source: Unknown/Imgur

#23. Apparently, it's quite easy to buy drugs in Switzerland...

Source: Rib6000

#24. Oh... it literally made for pets.

Source: StanleyCameron

#25. Nice and clean!

Source: acidcow

#26. Both horribly illegal and terribly twisted… Especially for just $1.27.

Source: JusticeRains

#27. Now that’s an exciting color.

Source: Unknown/Imgur

#28. "SHITTO Hotly-spiced pepper sauce"

Source: Matthew Spong

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