28 Times When Technically Right Is the Best Way to Be Right, Well, Technically

When someone who is acting like a total smartass turns out to be... smart, it is incredibly frustrating. These extremely funny folks sure know how to make someone roll their eyes with only their words by finding a loophole in whatever they requested and telling the "technically right." It’s annoying, but it’s surely hilarious.

Introducing "Technically the truth," a subreddit of nearly 1.26 million members that is dedicated to sharing hilarious examples of technically right but completely unexpected things. From cheesy puns to ludicrous responses, these are some of the funniest posts that we have selected from this online community. Continue scrolling and laughing at these hilarious jokes and puns, and check out their subreddit if you like their content.

#1. God works in mysterious ways.

Source: jinwoo1162

#2. Make cent.

Source: 69Owiredu

#3. *Caught in a bad romance*

Source: deadlessdead

#4. Egyptology:

Source: katiehannigan

#5. You’ve gotye be kidding?

Source: ryoBRUHHHhhh

#6. Icebergs are overrated anyway...

Source: Y2SHAF

#7. "I hate people like this"

Source: Nexus-Point

#8. Yachtless talks about shirtless:

Source: immoleight__me

#9. Nuts!

Source: zorro7080

#10. He’s got a solid point.

Source: Wally_Wests

#11. Well...

Source: Majorhavoc01

#12. Duh!

Source: ChristianServerJesus

#13. How'd the car take it?

Source: lol62056

#14. "Send me $1 I’ll tell you how to be a millionaire"

Source: bergerrc96

#15. Such a tragic story:

Source: autocucumberr

#16. Do they know they're not on the menu?

Source: Mrs_Foo_Cough

#17. Why?

Source: RavelOnePiece

#18. ...and avoiding taxes.

Source: Kate_Kelly_Esq

#19. Ha!


#20. Interesting title.

Source: xEvilL_

#21. "It has its ups and downs"

Source: Nep_Nep_Nep_Nep_Nep

#22. "I am glad they cleared this up"

Source: tumblr

#23. Yes, they aren't dating anymore.

Source: howto_pick_a_name

#24. Ah, American jokes...

Source: Katten15

#25. Well, I do too.

Source: PenguinBeatbox

#26. Two is less than three:

Source: opecklempen

#27. Oh Google, you little...

Source: dash_hhh

#28. Lastly, who can argue with this logic?

Source: insignificant_noodle

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