28 People Who Should Not Be Allowed To Drive Cars

There is a saying, "Mistakes are painful when they happen, but years later a collection of mistakes is what is called experiences." Right, mistakes are a part of life and they are unavoidable. There is a reason for it. That is to say, mistakes and failures served as the foundation that helped us shape our lives. After making mistakes, we can learn a lot from them. And those experiences will build us to become better and stronger people.
Everyone makes mistakes, especially when it comes to car driving. However, some people made mistakes that are more hilarious than other people, and we had to share those moments with you. We have collected 28 funny driving fails from the Internet. Take a minute to scroll down and check them out for yourself. Don't forget to vote for the funniest driving fails.

#1. Forgot to put the truck in a park on the boat launch

Source: krazeone

#2. Someone managed to flip their car in a parking lot today

Source: unknown / reddit

#3. This is how a friend found his cars this morning

Source: grallonson

#4. A boulder fell on my in-laws car in Idyllwild CA

Source: drdrehey

#5. I've only had this car for two weeks

Source: AWholeCoin

#6. Ahh beautiful parking

Source: damianHHJ

#7. Unusual car accidents


#8. Not the average car accident

Source: D5R

#9. That car in that house

Source: coredumponline

#10. So this just happened in the liquor store parking lot in my hometown

Source: Shaggdman

#11. One of the most unusual car vs telephone pole photos you will see

Source: Pardon_my_baconess

#12. Steel girder falls off lorry on to car, woman survived

Source: WelshPride

#13. My car got struck by lightning today

Source: opihinalu

#14. A lady at our local supermarket gave us all a lesson on how to park

Source: unknown / reddit

#15. So I came home to this in the parking spot next to mine this morning (my spot is 48)...

Source: blizpix

#16. Parking problem of a supercar

Source: LeePangHee

#17. This is what I found in an underground parking today...

Source: Kenan80

#18. Parking in Santa Monica, CA

Source: Peremy_Jiven

#19. Cars parked across from massive building fire

Source: RealisticTaco

#20. Parked their car like this, casually walked into Wendy's to eat

Source: DogFarm

#21. I'll just park here

Source: 1stumbler

#22. Well the University police called to tow a car parked in a reserved spot and during the towing process the chain snapped...and rolled into Bear Lake

Source: pshkreli187

#23. I was at the doctor's the other day and in the parking lot, I saw this...

Source: moosage

#24. Cemetery parking is full? No problem, just park on those grave plots over there

Source: unknown / reddit

#25. The way the car is parked

Source: Pidiotpong

#26. This just happened in my mom's parking lot

Source: NetiPotYeti

#27. That guy found a clever parking spot


#28. My car this morning

Source: Exquisitefish

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