28 Moms Share The Real Adventures They Have To Deal With Every Day

This might come as a shock to you, but I’m going to let you in on a little-known fact: being a mother is a wonderful experience, and sometimes daunting! Some moms share that they feel like they are doing a full-time job. Every day, they have to do hundreds of unnamed jobs. Regardless of how exceptional moms are at acting heroically, their job typically includes never-ending struggles.
The r/Mommit subreddit is home to "moms mucking through the ickier parts of child raising." They come to this group to share parenting experiences and ask for some advice or a helping hand with the difficulties they face every day. Although motherhood is not always wonderful and fun, they still do it and try to bring the best things to their kids. Below are some of the funniest sharings on this group. Scroll down to check them out. We are sure that these posts will make you feel relatable.

#1. Motherhood, amirite?

Source: grizellaaaaa

#2. She’s fast asleep, I’m not moving her

Source: Logical_Combini104

#3. I don't have many people in my life to share his cute pictures with - I figured you guys loved him last time so I wanted to share again. Can't believe he's already 10 weeks old

Source: dudecass

#4. My 8 week old sleeping while being held by his grandma. I love him so much!

Source: kolbyt

#5. The photos I take of my husband and our baby versus the photos my husband takes of me and our baby. What the crap, dude

Source: TheMossMama

#6. Crayola bath crayons. Never again

Source: Succulentmama

#7. Motherhood is leaving your baby in a swing in the doorway so you can poop

Source: Yucca-sucka

#8. Turned on the tv to distract for a couple minutes so that I could put some laundry away. This is where he decided to stand

Source: tstein26

#9. All those years of safe sleep practiced and now this…

Source: jb_4tw

#10. When I take photos of hubby and bub, compared to when he takes photos of bub and I

Source: kallygally

#11. Popsicle sticks stick to wet shower doors/walls/bath tubs. It's my kid's current favorite bath toy

Source: Skyletron

#12. Babies - when they spit on you but with love

Source: mimi-sylvestris

#13. Today I learned baby oil dissolves permanent Sharpie

Source: Jessmika0910

#14. I call this "3.5 years of love"

Source: Sophia_Forever

#15. Another child (~20mo) “scratched” my 19mo when he was going down for a nap at daycare. Thoughts?

Source: potatopotatoe123

#16. It’s a full moon here and daughter didn’t want to sleep. After a while playing in her crib I called her name and this is what I saw on the monitor ??. Definitely picked her up and hugged her

Source: BlackberryMaterial33

#17. 1 year old decided 5:30 was the perfect time to wake me up to party for an hour, proceeded to crash out in this position and refused to let me move him

Source: thebeetsmeburger-4

#18. Even in the bathroom there is no escape! Haha

Source: ouch_thathurt977

#19. My husband took this of our new baby. I fell asleep trying to comfort him and he just laid his face on my hand. I love this little guy

Source: DopedGoatskin

#20. She called me “mama” today for the first time

Source: BlackberryMaterial33

#21. Pulled him into bed to snuggle with me so he'd go back to sleep, he had other plans. Being super cute was the first thing on the agenda

Source: dudecass

#22. The laundry, bro. It just never ends

Source: mazekeen19

#23. My toddler’s emotional support potato

Source: catsareeternal

#24. Hey fellow moms who are struggling, do what works for you!!! For me its dinner on the floor, yes in front of the TV. She stays focused, eats her whole meal no fussing or pushing the fork away, no mess to clean up and so on. This may not be for everyone but it works for me

Source: xoCamoPrincessxo

#25. Officially part of the club

Source: SheikahBun

#26. I originally got my 2 year old a lion costume for Halloween. He hated it and proceeded to ask/ beg non stop to be a traffic light. After 2 days, i had to give in. This one lights up and he is thrilled

Source: fgfrf12

#27. I've been stress cleaning all day but the sight of my daughter sitting on the couch with her Bert and papaya took some of the stress away!

Source: abbylightwood

#28. Ever look at you baby and be like…. How could I make something so…. Perfect!!

Source: PrincessOfCrazyPpl

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