People Share Weirdly Interesting Things That They Found In Thrift Stores

When talking about garage sales or thrift stores, household goods, secondhand clothes, used furniture, ancient books are some things that come to our minds right away. To many people, shopping at these places is so great. You can find numerous amusing, unique, and sometimes odd things there. The best part is some rare items will only cost you a few cents.
Someone even created a Facebook group named Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Share, where people can share all the weirdly interesting stuff they found in thrift stores. And those things never cease to surprise us. Check out some of the coolest flea market treasures in the collection below.

#1. "75 cents at an estate sale. Definitely came home with me."

Image source: MJ Buley

#2. "My 10 year old son and I found this tiny cast iron stove last week at an antique store and I let him cook a tiny grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup on it! It worked! He was so stoked!"

Image source: Sarah Smith

#3. "My husband Patrick is a massive cat lover, to the point he's now called Catrick. Today we found him the most purrrfect vest."

Image source: Amanda Krysa

#4. "Who wouldn't want a Chameleon tape dispenser?! Wasnt for sale unfortunately but it was found on the desk of a thrift store cashier."

Image source: Carey Lynn

#5. "My daughter, she gets me. She found the pot at a goodwill ($2.). It was originally made for baking soda but this is much better."

Image source: Amanda Kevern

#6. "Found this granny at an estate sale in ft worth. Yes, she came home with me! Worth the money for the laughs we’ve had. She will be dressed for every holiday!"

Image source: Carrie Sexton

#7. "Ohhh the looks I got walking around with this after I purchased it today."

Image source: John Rose

#8. "I unearthed this one from the garage this morning... I consider selling them every time I have to move them because they are so heavy and awkward... and then I look at them and imagine all the weird stories they could tell if only fans could tell stories... and decide to keep them."

Image source: Jennifer Johnson

#9. "About 25 years ago I saw this for sale at a furniture shop, there was no way I could afford it so it stayed there. Fast forward to a couple of years ago on a local buy swap sell, lo and behold there’s my hippo – there was no way it was getting away this time!"

Image source: Kerrie Murphy‎

#10. "I see all your sassy teapots, but I think I found something even more sassy. I present to you all the sassy grandfather clock!"

Image source: Jessie Finn

#11. "The fur babes got a tiny couch. $30.. what a steal."

Image source: Valencia Von Diata

#12. "Best knife set ever!"

Image source: Lindsay Stokes

#13. Snake lamp

Image source: Jessica Toler

#14. "You could say my new hairdryer is packin' some heat."

Image source: Jenna Schmidt

#15. "Found this around the vases at Fabulous Finds in Port Charlotte, Fl. They didn't know it was a hat! I was delighted to find it and take it home with me"

Image source: Eliora Bachman

#16. "DINOSAUR CHOPSTICKS! I have found my soulmate."

Image source: Madeline Ashton

#17. "Finally found a mushroom lamp today!!!"

Image source: Alexandra McKay

#18. "Only $1 and completely unused! At The Place of Forsyth Thrift Store in Cumming, Georgia."

Image source: Mimi Oxalis

#19. "What 1980’s teenager donated this? Found it in a bin of donations. I work at Goodwill."

Image source: Nikki Raymer

#20. "Saw this in tasmania Australia at the salvation army. I thought "argh cute chair" turned it upside down and giggled for 5 minutes. (It was udderly ridiculous.) It didnt come home with me, I have nowhere to put it."

Image source: Belle Joyce

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