27 Unusual Situations That Will Left You Wonder "What The Hell Is Going On?"

Oh hi there, you bored human. As you scroll through this very interesting post, we’d ask you to clear your mind and prepare your eyes because you’re about to experience a confusing photo challenge. LOL, yes, down below we have prepared some of the most amusingly unusual situations on the interwebs that you will have to try your best to figure out what on earth going on. Anything goes in here, and there are probably no precise answers to explain these oddities. Believe us, we also have a hard time deciphering these photos ourselves. So, are you ready to accept the challenge? Let’s dive right into our list and check them all out!
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#1. Bad doggo!

Source: fotogaleri

#2. Hmm

Unusual SituationsSource: casperfk

#3. Impressive!

Source: 9gag

#4. Noice!

Source: nuggsmum

#5. Oops!

Unusual SituationsSource: twimg

#6. But it works.

Source: izismile

#7. Wait...

Source: videogoneviral

#8. Friendzone level: expert

Source: the9gag

#9. Naughty Elmo!

Source: tumblr

#10. Fun time!

Source: copypast

#11. Hold tight!

Unusual SituationsSource: Watermelonheadguy

#12. Go, sisters!

Source: static

#13. Interesting ads.

Unusual SituationsSource: vkmag

#14. Itchy itchy!

Source: dlyakota

#15. Wha-

Source: tuxboard

#16. It wasn't me:

Unusual SituationsSource: fishki

#17. Girl...

Source: fishki

#18. Wow!

Unusual SituationsSource: fishki

#19. Traditional breakdancing?

Source: fishki

#20. He has room for one more.

Source: fishki

#21. "Look, daddy, the fish is spitting out water!"

Unusual SituationsSource: nowa

#22. "I'm a big fan of reading material"

Source: imgur

#23. You do you, girl!

Source: trendmutti

#24. When game is life:

Unusual SituationsSource: acidcow

#25. Wait...

Source: tumblr

#26. Sweet dream?

Unusual SituationsSource: korabox

#27. Hmm...

Unusual SituationsSource: noeloquence

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