27 Placement Coincidences That Prove Life Can Be Funny As Hell

Have you ever experienced a funny coincidence? Like when you were walking down the street in your new shirt and ran into your friend, who was also wearing the same shirt. Was it fate, coincidence, or were they peeking through your window to figure out what shirt you were wearing so that they too could wear that same one? (LOL) These types of coincidences happen all the time. They might be big or small, but either way, they are things you never imagined were possible. And the majority of the time, they are simply hilarious. That is why today we are going to entertain you with 27 placement coincidences that show life might be a comedian in disguise. So keep on scrolling!
From bad ads placement to people being at the right place at the right time, this list will bring you some of the funniest coincidences you'll ever see. So let's dive right in and get yourself a laugh or two by checking through our list; enjoy!

#1. Right place, right time.

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#2. Baby sure does.

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#3. Footwhere...

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#4. Lick it up!

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#5. Danger! UFO Abduction!

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#6. No more than other colors.

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#7. Only when it gets in your eyes.

Poor Marcus Semien, there's no way that fans aren't going to make fun of his name just a little bit.

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#8. Kitekat cat Jesus

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#9. "I'd like to make a withdrawal please"

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#10. I think you just got yourself an answer...

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#12. Challenge accepted!

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#13. Well, that's sh*tty ad placement:

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#14. CzecHairlines

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#15. Damn, liars.

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#16. Power move:

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#17. Errm, well I mean...

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#18. Would you get in the car?

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#19. The way she is holding the weight is perfect.

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#20. LOL

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#21. "Now where can I find Peach."

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#22. "Well, uh... I guess that's a good motto."

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#23. "No relation, we swear"

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#24. "What? She going to love cucumber salad!"

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#25. Bad idea. Period.

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#26. "I'm guessing the flavored ones must have been on offer."

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#27. Slayyy!

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