27 Of The Most Hilarious But Stupid Things Kids Have Done

Why do kids do hilarious but dumb things? In this article, we are going to show you 27 pictures that capture the moments when kids were caught red-handed doing hilarious but stupid things. Below are some pictures of kids that parents around the world have shared online. Scroll down to check them out for yourselves.
We have no idea why these kids did such questionable things. But thanks to their cuteness and naiveness, we have rolled on the floor laughing for hours, and you will too. Now, let's take a look at these pictures and enjoy a fabulous laugh with us. If you have ever stumbled upon any dumb kids, feel free to share your interesting experience with us in the comment section below.

#1. My 2yo Son practicing writing a “0” (Zero) - I’m pretty proud

Source: Wingo84

#2. My daughter came and told me that her car wasn't working. I found it like this. It looks like the alignment might be a hair off

Source: JephriB

#3. I didn’t know people actually did this

Source: BossMonkey83303

#4. It was me, I was the fucking stupid

Source: JfreakingR

#5. “I don’t want anymore, dad”

Source: MrRetroVertigo

#6. Hide and seek with my 2-year-old

Source: SwedishShawnKemp

#7. What species is this?

Source: canehdian_guy

#8. My wife may as well have gotten them swords and knives too

Source: Cemeterywind666

#9. Parents around the world

Source: KaiserNikko

#10. Kid sh*t in the pool in Vegas and now the pool is shut down. Thanks, kid

Source: Excellent-Rough4836

#11. My son playing hide and seek at my parents' house

Source: ohKeithMC

#12. That’s playdoh

Source: mpmwrites

#13. Mommy, why is my name Elephant?

Source: yaboiBradyC

#14. My son’s biggest fear

Source: barber_jim_norman

#15. My nephew wrote a letter to his father, how sweet

Source: wynzlopi

#16. Stupid are kids

Source: Wood-and-Whiskey

#17. They thought he was taking a picture of them

How Stupid These Kids AreSource: maadyakrib

#18. My 3 yr old insisted on making me breakfast

How Stupid These Kids AreSource: LockStockNL

#19. My 8yo. Lord help us when he's a teenager. I'm getting rose bushes ready

How Stupid These Kids AreSource: MrZwodder

#20. My sister tries to drown the moment my mom looks away for a photo

How Stupid These Kids AreSource: CamJude

#21. Why have food when you can have plastic straps?

How Stupid These Kids AreSource: Toejam_Taco

#22. This looks delicious

How Stupid These Kids AreSource: unlocomqx

#23. “Mom, can he sleep with us?”

How Stupid These Kids AreSource: MSFGuyy

#24. My 5-year-old’s new favorite “toy”

How Stupid These Kids AreSource: brhiebner

#25. Are you serious?

How Stupid These Kids AreSource: indenial405

#26. That’s one way to get out of family Christmas pictures

How Stupid These Kids AreSource: eternalrefuge86

#27. Abandoned apple - still life

How Stupid These Kids AreSource: rollenr0ck

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