27 Parents Who Were Expecting Cute Babies But Popped Out An Old People Instead

Babies! They are just so pure and precious. As they say, every newborn is a miracle from above, which is absolutely true 'cause every single baby has their own remarkable qualities. For real, who can resist their big, sparkling eyes or their button-like noses and adorable smiles? But not all babies are like that; some are blessed with the whole "oh wow, she looks just like grandma" vibe. You read it right; some cute babies out there that look like their grandparents, LOL. Continue scrolling as we introduce these 3-month-olds, who took the expression "they grow up so fast" to another level.
However, there's no need to worry; these little fellas are perfectly healthy, and there's nothing wrong with them. Well, the only thing wrong is that they might appear to be decades older than what their birth certificate says. And this phase is often temporary as well. So thank God for their kind, loving relatives who can't resist the urge to capture all the moments of these cute babies looking like old people, before this phase is over. Now, get yourself a rocking chair, sit back, and enjoy our collection of some of the funniest pictures of old babies we could find on the Internet. Enjoy!

#1. He looks like he's waiting for his cigar and scotch!

Cute BabiesSource: robwallace7

#2. Which Wahlberg is this?

Source: reddit

#3. "You don't say."

Cute BabiesSource: propav8r

#4. If that ain’t a Gollum ass baby, I don’t know what is!

Cute BabiesSource: PrincessFluffyBunny

#5. Our baby looks exactly like Gordon Ramsay.

"This formula is so cold, the president is using it to deny global warming!"

Source: Claire8ball

#6. "This baby is a whole 7 mins old & already fed up with life."

Cute BabiesSource: TeabagMcBallgoggles

#7. "So my friend's baby looks like Gandalf the White..."

Source: reddit

#8. Wrinkle, wrinkle, little star. How I wonder how old you are.

Source: ericah1357

#9. Baby Devito!

Source: pangitlee

#10. He's seen the world, and he is not impressed.

Source: allshowernoflower

#11. Why does this baby look like it pays taxes?

Source: RobinGuion7

#12. That's actually a mandrake.

Source: imgur

#13. What year is it?!

Source: ericah1357

#14. Time to change what?

Source: Triggercut72

#15. Middle age baby.

Source: reddit

#16. "Put me back where I came from or so help me."

Source: Unknown

#17. The angriest newborn

"Put me back!"

Source: 867-53OhNein

#18. *plopped*

Source: dick4d

#19. A middle-aged man headed to a job he hates:

Source: Tekon421

#20. The forehead and hairline of a century-old man:

Source: shootforthunder

#21. When your baby is the Pampers baby but looks old enough to be on a box of Depends:

Source: Unknown

#22 Rockstar hair at 2 months old:

Source: Unknown

#23 Back in my days…

Source: Unknown

#24. Grandfather Jr.

Source: Unknown

#25 Behold... the ancient one

Source: Siphodemos

#26. Big sister with her one-week-old brother:

Source: HalluxValgus

#27 Lastly, this one looks like he’s wondering if retirement can come any faster...

Source: Crunchieee

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