27 Of The Absolute Dumbest Things Americans Have Said On The Internet

Dumb—No one wants to be called that, but some folks deserve it (you know what we mean). Like, on a serious note, if you Google which countries are the smartest on earth, you will get various reasons why Americans are not the best and brightest. Most indices rank the United States of America in the lower-upper tier of educational attainment. So it will not be a surprise that they are not in the top ten for average IQ.
That is why we have scoured the Internet and put together a list of the stupidest things Americans have said on the Internet for your entertainment. From believing that everything only revolves around America to lacking basic knowledge, these Americans on this list have partially demonstrated their stupidity. So, let's brace ourselves and get ready to laugh at these Americans by scrolling down and checking them out. Enjoy!!

#1. Ah yes, English comes from America:

Source: Dragonfly_Tall

#2. Pfff 7 Countries. Everybody knows there are only 3.

Source: Twitter

#3. Why is this guy hating on pastafarians?

Source: generalphoenix68

#4. Uhhh, obviously that just asked about the virus.

Source: fatpengo

#5. Obviously why she needed a tutor in English.

Source: Falopian

#6. Pour what on what?

Source: imgur

#7. Poison is fun.

Source: reddit

#8. Love this look you say...

Source: reddit

#9. Apparently there is a massive evil gecko she needs to keep away from:

Source: Remy252

#10. Modern problems require modern solutions:

Source: bigmacnpoet

#11. "Isn't Socialism grand?"

Source: mai-moi

#12. "America is the reason you have cars"

Source: Qeryk

#13. Amen!

Source: Facebook

#14. Europe and South America are countries.

Source: Canuck54

#15. Americans are like: "There is nothing after 12"

Source: tumblr

#16. And people wonder why I'm always angry.

Source: tumblr

#17. This is like asking "Does anybody else here celebrate my birthday?"

Source: Classic-CJ

#18. "Why does Italian pizza look so bad?"

Source: pandaron

#19. They're still staying on American soil, which is as free as it gets.

Source: StrammerMax

#20. "I am confused is there a Rome in Italy?"

Source: Singularitytracker

#21. Yeah, right.

Source: My-couchie-is-lousie

#22. Selling signed Trump hat to pay medical bills:

Source: MoesBAR

#23. "I hate immigrants so I decided to become one myself"

Source: Spisepinne

#24. Imagine thinking ancient Greeks were white...

Source: masterofsatellites

#25. That little "Oh" says so much with so little.

Source: loves_spain

#26. What about the 4th of July?

Source: reddit

#27. A yes, the "spices" garlic, parsley, and thyme.

Source: Ajdoom

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