27 Images That Are Disturbing, Yes, But Also Oddly Fascinating

Even though we are way past Halloween, it is hard to avoid the feeling of having chills go down our spines every now and then. And no, not because of the cold winter nights crawling on us—we mean the creepy stuff we have come across online. And if there is a place to display all the images like this, it will be the subreddit: Oddly Terrifying. Keep reading as we show you 27 images that are very disturbing, yes, but also oddly fascinating.
From natural artifacts to computer-generated images, these are the weirdest, creepiest, and most unsettling things people have seen and shared on the internet. Although they are terrifying, we must admit that it is impossible to look away. Like, the pictures captivate you like a horror movie you never signed up for but still watch until the end with palms obscuring the screen. So without further ado, let's scroll down and check all these disturbing yet oddly fascinating pictures out; enjoy!

#1. But... what's that in that window over there?

Source: guialbusbnbsfdsf

#2. What a precious smile!

Source: fallinaditch

#3. Cabbage field in Japan that looks like a field of alien eggs:

Source: euein

#4. Jim Carey doing the Grinch Face without the use of any makeup:

Source: SupCJ

#5. An MRI scan of babies during pregnancy.

Source: KiWi_pEnCiL36

#6. When rubber gloves washing accidentally opened the gate of hell:

Source: jfrchen1207

#7. "A snowman I should not have created"

Source: fudgebringer

#8. Ma'am, that's the flying spaghetti monster...

Source: Peen_Weinerstien

#9. Whatever he wants, let him have it!

Source: arcanophile

#10. I mean just give her your whole house, the other children are meaningless.

Source: Master1718

#11. "I fell asleep in the bath."

Source: neeto85

#12. How Italians go swimming:

Source: cursed_images

#13. "Yum"

Source: cancer__memes.v2

#14. Wait, only two-thirds?

Source: mrcrabs6464

#15. This extremely disturbing face swap:

Source: FlameHank

#16. This abandoned hospital had a "visitor" last night:

Source: killHACKS

#17. Pregnant with triplets

Source: Chlorofil

#18. Hate waking up to this.

Source: skollywag92

#19. So fun!

Source: Robinson3m

#20. "The view from my grandmothers's sun room..."

Source: CalebPoland

#21. A disease that has no cure.

Source: DickDoodle830

#22. Inside a Hong Kong coffin home:

Source: rizenHeH

#23. You don’t post a sign unless you wished you would have had a sign at some point in the past:

Source: Necroed

#24. What are you supposed to do when you see something like this:

Source: rahul19193

#25. "My housemate's toothbrush:"

Source: charlietc98

#26. AI chatbot’s reaction to it being told it’s not a real person:

Source: YoungDeshiDipper

#27. Body riddled with parasites as a result of eating raw pork for 10 years:

Source: UnicornNippleFarts

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