27 Hilarious Pics Of Tech Disasters That IT Personnel Must Deal With On The Job

Technology evolves on a daily basis, making it difficult for even young individuals to keep up. And we're going to be in big trouble, which no one wants. Of course, the staff of the information technology department will be present to answer our queries and help us understand how they work. "You try restarting," a well-known phrase, accurately describes the nature of IT department staff.
But what those employees must endure is beyond our comprehension. We've assembled a collection of highly amusing photographs of tech disasters that IT personnel must deal with on the job. After a few minutes of gazing at this subreddit, you will be on the verge of passing out. Scroll down to see them, and don't be afraid to share them with your family members. Have a wonderful day, guys!

#1. I've tried putting it in rice but it hasn't helped. Any ideas?

Source: the123king-reddit

#2. Coworker said she would only accept an official Apple Mouse so I dug this out of storage and left it on her desk

Source: MayaIngenue

#3. One of my co-workers was eager to unpack her new mouse

Source: mrfoyl

#4. My space heater stopped working

Source: Majahzi

#5. When you don’t listen to your parents when they tell you to keep the music down

Source: FinishedToxicity

#6. The customer told me they were "tired of hearing the vibrations

Source: GodRaine

#7. Xfinity came out and installed a cable in a new room. This is how they did it

Source: cartoonhead

#8. Wall anchors

Source: raskulous

#9. "Structural" cabling

Source: aquaritis

#10. Came across this atrocity

Source: RoboChemist101

#11. Spilled acetone on my laptop and now it's mocking me

Source: putridtooth

#12. Yo

Source: armchair_psycholog

#13. Mullet PC, business in front and party in the back

Source: sirawesome63

#14. I think my PSU has some kind of error

Source: the123king-reddit

#15. The things you find working a helpdesk job at a failing University

Source: Rilough96

#16. Touch grass

Source: beads6

#17. Laptop Screen "Upgrade"

Source: angry_subscription

#18. My mom hasn't cleaned her computer since the day she got it, and she got it 6 years ago

Source: True_Salty_Boii

#19. The ticket said "second monitor stopped working"

Source: gbarnick

#20. Just found out a sales rep’s laptop has this going on. I freaked and told them it needs to leave the building and shouldn’t be used. Was told they’ll just order a battery and I shouldn’t start a “panic” Meanwhile she brings this thing home and told me she leaves it in bed and on the couch. Wtf?

Source: Kaden_LT

#21. What horrors were on this drive?

Source: Rutch

#22. Bonfire

Source: Reddit

#23. I need somewhere to set this candle....oh here’s a good spot!

Source: kjb0419

#24. AT&T has no idea why their DSL services are so poor. It must be the wires in my house. No, I don't think so

Source: zenbanjoman

#25. Someone found this by magnet fishing in a lake

Source: GuRex

#26. The business-grade is usually 48+ ports. Need 44 more of these

Source: YawninglyTaut

#27. A co-worker decided to wipe the monitor with Clorox bleach wipes

Source: cltdyna

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