27 Crazy Party Fails That Scream "Yup, It's Time To Go Home"

If you are a party animal, you can very well relate to these wild and crazy party fails. Parties are fun, but you've got to agree that they are a mess too. You see all kinds of people at a party. There are drunkards who will not settle for a drink or two, and then there are dopes who will try anything. Let's not forget those guys who are already drunk but want to keep drinking! Oh man, it's a real mess. Every party has its own "fail" moments. Here are 27 party fail pictures that will make you laugh out loud.

By scrolling through this post, we hope not only that you can have a good laugh (or two), but also that you take this post as a quick reminder to consume alcohol responsibly. Also, we don't advocate heavy drinking or hard partying. So if you or someone you know has a drinking problem, please ask for help from professionals.

Without any further ado, let's scroll down and check them out!

#1. When you forget your keys but it’s way too late to ring the bell:

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#2. Ha-ha.

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#3. Hang in there, buddy!

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#4. Big ouch!

Source: acidcow

#5. "I only had 2 drinks last night"

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#6. Cool, you hold the pyramid.

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#7. Just a little nap:

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#8. Someone must have one epic night...

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#9. It works!

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#10. Well, fella, I think it's time to go home.

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#11. That is some strong fabric right there.

Source: Mykeyboy

#12. Saturday night. It's Irish yoga time!

Source: Addicted2Groove

#13. Chairs were sturdier than this before!

Source: affairesdegars

#14. "Hey Lindsay, how're you doing in there?"

Source: brittanysmpsn

#15. "I wanted a pillow, but I had pizza. Well, okay, that'll do."

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#16. Sweet dream.

Source: chzbgr

#17. Uh, buddy...

Source: barnorama

#18. "Fine but just ONE drink."

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#19. Bros who got drunk together, stay together.

Source: ebaumsworld

#20. "I'm going to cross that street... seems to me that it's usually not that long..."

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#21. Oh boy...

Source: Unknown

#22. And lastly: no man is left behind.

Source: No Chaser

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