27 Crazy, Chaotic, And Hilarious Gym-Goers That Will Make You Drop Your Weights Laughing

When it comes to the gym, the first things we can think of are buff bodies, funky smells, and intimidating gym machines. To some, a gym is a place to exercise and work on yourself, but to others, every time you go to the gym can get a tad overwhelming. Heck, to the point that they might forget how sports equipment works. Or how to function as a normal human being. Do not you believe us? Keep reading because his list of hilarious gym-goers will help you get a six-pack from laughing.
From bringing your fetus to the gym to completely giving up on exercising, here is a little something for every type of sense of humor. Next time you are in the gym, try opening your eyes to the hilarious things and funny people around you because there are a lot of them. For now, scroll down to check out our selection of hilarious gym-goers, and feel free to share this with your fellow gym bros.

#1. "My dad's client at the gym turned 99 today. She is a badass."

Hilarious Gym-GoersSource: TaylorSatine

#2. "So I'm at the gym... and this guy starts knitting..."

Hilarious Gym-GoersSource: Unknown

#3. So... there was a marching band at the gym today.

Hilarious Gym-GoersSource: SovietMaxx

#4. Getting pumped for that date.

Hilarious Gym-GoersSource: Unknown

#5."Saw her at the gym doing squats in heels."

Hilarious Gym-GoersSource: reddit

#6. Oh, look at the view.

Source: reddit

#7. When you have no idea what you are doing:

Hilarious Gym-GoersSource: Unknown

#8. "Saw a brother at the gym tonight."

Source: alphanumerik

#9. That's the spirit!

Hilarious Gym-GoersSource: dynalil

#10. Need a spot?

Source: imgur

#11. "I think she's using this machine wrong."

Source: wtfapkin

#12. Sir, are you sure you know what you are doing?

Source: Unknown

#13. "Leg day," he said

Source: Unknown

#14. "Hey, guys let's go to the gym to watch some TV."

Hilarious Gym-GoersSource: Unknown

#15. This guy REALLY believes in leg day.

Source: Unknown

#16. Arched back? Check. Nuts in the face? Check. Wait...

Source: mypenisisaleg

#17. Working out has never been so easy before:

Hilarious Gym-GoersSource:

#18. Oh boy.

Source: Unknown

#19. No pain no gain:

Hilarious Gym-GoersSource: Unknown

#20. Why though?

Source: Unknown

#21. 911 is just one call away.

Source: Unknown

#22. Dude, you aren't really helping!

Source: SB2188

#23. Fitness level: pro.

Source: asdscorpion

#24. Yup, they're making another movie.

Source: Sbert005

#25. He finally found a perfect place to wear those socks.

Hilarious Gym-GoersSource: beaverkc

#26. When you are getting married at 3 but the gym is life:

Hilarious Gym-GoersSource: JarJarDrinks

#27. Finally, here is an exercise for me:

Hilarious Gym-GoersSource: piras

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