20 Painfully Hilarious Pics To Remind You The Importance Of Wearing Sunscreen

Sunscreen, also known as suncream, plays a significant role in skincare. You should apply it every day to protect your skin from sun rays, including in the winter months. Sometimes, however, not everyone takes it seriously. You may think you are going out for just an hour, so it’s okay without suncream. Then you end up getting a suntan, or more badly, a sunburn. It hurts, and your exposed skin may look so ridiculous.
Below is a list of people sharing painfully hilarious pics of their tans. They are living examples that remind you to regularly wear sunscreen even when you won’t go outside for long. Otherwise, you may look like a poor sunburned potato, and regretting anything is just too late.

#1. "Bought some new white fingerless gloves..."

Image source: igwvideo

#2. "This is what happens when you go on a bike ride when it’s 100 degrees outside without the proper sunscreen."

Image source: a2susan

#3. "The difference between tanned and untanned from my leg to my foot"

Image source: airboy1999

#4. "My friend refused to ask for help with putting sunscreen on, this is the result."

Image source: LilJrChicken

#5. "What could go wrong if I forget the sunscreen?"

Image source: GENERALfreckles

#6. "Long kayaking trip + belly rolls = most inconsistent sunburn ever"

Image source: BustersHotHamWater

#7. "My husband's first time wearing sandals since starting his new asphalt job..."

Image source: kitkat7890

#8. "Met a guy last summer that fell asleep in the sun with his phone on his chest."

Image source: alpevado

#9. "At least it's symmetrical"

Image source: Otis-B-Driftwood

#10. "Who needs a farmers tan when you can get a finals hat burn"

Image source: MarkdFL

#11. "That's why you shouldn't wear jeans with holes on sunny days"

Image source: OwnLeeYu

#12. "Trying to even out my tan on my lunch break"

Image source: philfromchico

#13. "My friends first time in the Florida sun. Apparently it was also their first time using spray on sunscreen."

Image source: mynickname86

#14. "Sunburn tramp stamp"

Image source: jayeatsnachos

#15. "My friend told me that I look like a popsicle stick"

Image source: genuinlyinterested

#16. "Never sleep outside with cereal, guys"

Image source: elley5sos

#17. "What happens when you're super white and you walked around #RoadAmerica all day in a shirt with cutout squares... And this was with multiple applications of sunscreen! In hindsight, I probably should have worn a different shirt, lol."

Image source: girlgonegreyyy

#18. "A buddy of mine seemed to think stick sunscreen was a good idea"

Image source: iwaspresidentonce

#19. "Co-worker shaved his head, then went golfing, and decided to wear a visor."

Image source: rayfin

#20. Their legs are the same now

Image source: Vituka

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