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Here Are Funny Explanations On Why Zodiac Signs Still Don’t Find A Special Someone

It’s always interesting to talk about the zodiac. 12 zodiac signs are 12 unique traits that are unmistakable with each other. Each has strengths and weaknesses and people born under that sign just shine the way they are supposed to do. But even the most conscious minds can sometimes have strange (or weird) thinking. The point is that they don’t realize anything wrong with them.

Have you ever been curious about why you or someone you know still don’t find a special someone? Here are 20 funny explanations. While Leos believe all they need from a partner can be found in themselves, Aquarians appear to cheat their crush with their “coldness”. But they turn out to be one of many personalities of these signs. All zodiac signs are clumsy and funny sometimes. Try not to laugh at others, guys!

#1. So true!!!

Image source: gemini.tale

#2. Can’t still believe I’m having feelings for someone!

Image source: all.aquarius.facts

#3. You can call me in your dreams tho๐Ÿ˜‚

Image source: libra_period

#4. Oh myyyy . Straight facts ๐Ÿ˜‚

Image source: leosabitch

#5. That’s me!!

Image source: calvinreubengu

#6. Just two personalities exist in a person

Image source: aquariuszodiacworld

#7. Something that only Capricorns can relate!

Image source: capricorn.zodiac

#8. True!

Image source: taurus._.lover

#9. Fact!!!

Image source: scorpioloverssx

#10. That sums it up!

Image source: cancercup

#11. If that ainโ€™t the truth ๐Ÿ‘

Image source: ariesbiscuit

#12. Why does it feels so true to me

Image source: libra_period

#13. Biggest true ever!!!

Image source: scorpiozzzz_

#14. “I’m just don’t care”

Image source: leosabitch

#15. Tag a Sagittarius, lol:))

Image source: sagittariusgodsminds

#16. This is creepy and accurate, lol

Image source: gemini.tale


Image source: pisces.meanings

#18. Tag a friend, guys:))

Image source: cancercup

#19. Is this Virgo’s thought?

Image source: virgo_.facts

#20. Not my fault.

Image source: all.aquarius.facts

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