20 Hilarious Astrology Memes For All Signs

If you have a passion for astrology, you’ll probably enjoy this post. Even if you aren’t into astrology, we are sure that you also find something happy in this post.
Zodiac signs represent the twelve different intervals of people’s dates of birth. Astrology memes are primarily funny texts and images that highlight the differences between these signs. Thanks to the development of the Internet, memes have grown in popularity and occupied the whole world.
That's the reason why we decided to gather 20 top-trafficked memes on differnet social platforms to share with you. No matter what your zodiac sign is, these astrology memes will have you saying, "that’s so me!" Check them out below and prepare for laughs!

1. Water signs pretending to be fine all day vs. when you ask them what's wrong.

Image credit: astrologys_space

2. All the Halloween costume inspo you need.

Image credit: @sanctuarywrld

3. There are two kinds of people.

Image credit: thezodiacstea

4. If not in 2019, definitely now.

Image credit: G. L. Di Vittorio

5. Are you OK, air signs?

Image credit: astrowonders

6. Growth is hard. We mean hot.

Image credit: Unknown

7. Kim Kardashian Meme with Horoscopes

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8. Zodiac signs with a strange and unique sense of humor.

Image credit: horoscope.memes_posts

9. How obsessed with astrology are you?

Image credit: astrhology

10. Fire signs, this one's for you!

Image credit: thezodiacstea

11. Sorry, what?

Image credit: kayxstars

12. What the signs do when they're sad.

Image credit: horoscope.memes_posts

13. Choosing not to believe this.

Image credit: Tumblr

14. Astrology told you so.

Image credit: Cheezburger

15. The real ones know.

Image credit: jakesastrology

16. What it's really like being an astrologer.

Image credit: jakesastrology

17. Me on the phone with my crush's mom trying to figure out his birth time.

Image credit: jakesastrology

18. When your birth chart exposes you.

Image credit: jakesastrology

19. When you look to astrology for literally everything.

Image credit: jakesastrology

20. Filling up on astrology memes.

Image credit: Tumblr

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