20 People Who Acted So Dumb Made Others Go Speechless

We can admit that everyone likes to think they are smart, but even smart people can fail at being sharp-witted at times. For whatever reason, we all say or do silly things once in a while. It is human nature to have some funny fails like that. Nevertheless, some people mess up so badly that they make others wonder if their brains still work or not. They lack the logic to a whole new level, resulting in making insanely dumb questions. But thanks to that, we have a great source of Entertainment.
Below is a list of the stupidest stuff people said and done that will leave you amazed and even go speechless. Scroll down to check these epic fails for yourself.

#1. "I Wonder Why"

Image source: DanBurnashev

#2. "To Ask For A Mysterious Service"

Image source: NateM135

#3. "Just What"

Image source: MysteriousMrPig

#4. "Waterproof Level At 100"

Image source: Master1718

#5. "That's Not How That... Never Mind"

Image source: Teh_Dibble

#6. Lol

Image source: MavenofHonor

#7. "Pickle Problems"

Image source: mcv_inmia

#8. "I Am Speechless"

Image source: MisoSoup9000

#9. "Who’s Gonna Tell Her"

Image source: Ninja_Spi-D-er

#10. Haha So Innocent

Image source: humblemangoes

#11. She Has A Very Big Issue Now

Image source: 97Vercetti

#12. "Bye, America See You - Never"

Image source: DOMINOEP

#13. "And Passports Too"

Image source: SuperSlimySalamander

#14. "You’ve Never Seen A Pink Lion?"

Image source: BenderDisorder

#15. "The Dumbest Tweet Ever Twote"

Image source: BlackDeathZombieSwede

#16. "I Wish This Was Fake. Meet Jenn"

Image source: Patopodo

#17. "A Guy Purchased A Watermelon During A Train Stop And Didn’t Realize It Didn’t Fit Through The Bars"

Image source: SluggishStudent

#18. "Sir, Do You Know How Wrong Numbers Work"

Image source: wait_whats_illegal

#19. "Idiotic Landlord"

Image source: Enderjay10

#20. "Fake ID Fail"

Image source: Mrkjm1550

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